Sunday, November 30, 2008

Obama: No Pragmatist

A pragmatist is a philosophy of striking balance between principles and reality. In other words a pragmatist is not an ideologue. Obama is an ideologue and his cabinet selections show just how much of an ideologue he is. Obama is a far left liberal; voting to the left of admitted Socialist Bernie Sanders.

The pathetic pawns in the media suggest that because Obama has selected Clinton leftovers that he is showing that even though Obama himself is liberal his selection are centrists. The pathetic pawns use the fact that Bill Clinto governed from the center to push this agenda. However, there is a problem with that thought process. First Bill Clinton was no centrist until it became necessary for political survival. Second, Clinton protege's were involved in the scandal ridden Clinton administration.

Had Bill Clinton been a true centrist the democratic control of Congress would not have changed hands in the 1994 election. The first thing Bill Clinton did upon arriving at the White house was push for the largest tax increase in history. In fact he raised the regressive gasoline tax in less than 90 days. The tax increases under Clinton almost choked off what little recovery we were enjoying at the time. However, because America was emerging from a recession the business cycle took care of hiding this regressive tax but the economy grew at a much slower pace than would have otherwise been expected. Bill Clinton moved to the center only after losing the 1994 election. Had democrats continued to enjoy leadership of Congress, Clinton would have certainly stayed left of center. Remember his failed "socialized" medicine plan. This was a far left plan that would have bankrupted our economy with more entitlement programs. The balanced budget Clinton claims as his own was part of the "Contract with America" the Republicans led by Newt Gingrich. Welfare reform was also due to Republican pressure. Although Obama and the Democrats are on the verge of reimplementing the welfare state (consumer bailouts). Eric Holder is the man behind Pardongate (FALN Marc Rich). Hillary proposed the largest entitlement program in history with Hillary care. Biden is the political hack behind the derailment of Robert Bork. Daschle was so much an ideologue that he lost in his reelection bid.

No these picks do not show Obama to be a pragmatist. They show an ideologue that will attempt to implement the Clinton policies that failed. Obama has not shown one once of bipartisanship. Even hanging on to the independent minded Gates in nothing more than political survival. Obama really has no ideas how to change America. Obama has placed no plans forward and in fact says that he will wait for the Congress to pass a bill he can sign into law for economic bailouts. Obama is an empty suit with zero ideas. The people he is selecting for his cabinet are liberals. They will take the country far to the left. The pathetic pawns will claim Obama is a centrist and before we know it our individual freedoms will go the way of the dinosaur. Obama practices leadership from the rear. Obama will become a figurehead that will do nothing but rubber stamp actions from the Congress. Any failed policy will be blamed on Clinton staffers. Anything that works will be a part of the Obama vision. Obama is a hoax incapable of rational thought. How long will the pathetic pawns remain in love with this hoax? Obama is an ideologue; Obama is no pragmatist.

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