Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama: Lacks Judgment and Common Sense

Obama decided to lean on the Clinton era for selections to his cabinet posts. One of these picks is a prime example of Obama's lack of judgment and commonsense. Eric Holder is the likely nominee for Attorney General. This the the same Eric Holder that defended the action of Janet Reno in taking Elian Gonzalez ( 8 years old) from his home at gun point. In fact Holder says the agents acted sensibly. This is the same Eric Holder that secured a pardon for Marc Rich. Rich was a convicted of tax evasion and illegally making deals with the Iranians during the Iran hostage crisis.

Eric Holder represents everything that was wrong with the Clinton administration. Janet Reno was a failure in the Clinton administration as Attorney General. Eric Holder is here on video defending the actions of taking an eight year old from his house at gun point. This selection is an outrage. Holder defended the actions of the failed Attorney General in the Clinton Administration.

This pick is not change. This pick is a blast from the past. Holder is a Washington insider. Holder will take us back to Justice Department of "Jack Booted" Federal Agents. Waco and Elian Gonzalez are not the best of the Clinton Era but rather the scandalous parts of the Clinton Era. The only change Obama represents is which political party will receive corruption money from the Nation's elitists.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

"Lacks judgment and common sense"?

THE understatement of the year.

And two of the most succinct and cogent reasons Hussein should never have been elected.

Miss Beth and Carla said...

I thought elian was six when this happened and it was a complete OUTRAGE what was done to that family and that child in the name of "American Law"--and I'm a paralegal! This man needs to be sharing a cell with Reno for his part in her corruption!