Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obama: Current Facts


Another reader re-posted ( this article earlier on RCP. It received 10 votes and was about to be posted on the front page. Seems many Obama supporters just refuse to accept the fact that Obama has multiple lawsuits against him. This story will continue to be posted on RCP until RCP allows it to run its course, RCP disables my account, or the issues are resolved, whichever comes first.

I find it difficult to believe that Obama supporters disallow free speech in the form of factual reporting from small BLOGS.


Right after the Obama supporter read this post the article was again scrubbed. I will be posting this same article on RCP tomorrow. They are trying to silence the right and now more than ever this should go to show every one the "Chosen One" is hiding something. It is not RCP as they seem to be responding from OBamaBots.

There have been many questions regarding Obama's qualifications to be President Of The United States. Obama's experience, Obama's allies and associations, Obama's Socialist policies, and Obama's religious faith. These issues of qualifications were placed to rest on November 4, 2008. However, two issues refuse to just go away. First is Obama's "natural born" citizen concerns and second is Obama's selective service registration. In the event that Obama can not prove his "natural born" status or allegations of fraudulent selective service registration is founded then Obama will not be able to take the oath of office.

There currently are multiple lawsuits against Obama in different stages and in different courts. Philip Berg has his lawsuit at the Supreme Court. Obama has until 1 December 2008 to answer the Writ of Certiorari in the Berg case. The lower courts have said Philip Berg has no standing. In fact Barclay Surrick opened a constitutional crisis by taking the rights of the people away and providing those rights to the Congress. Judge Surrick said if Congress decides a desire for the citizenry to have standing they can pass that into law. There is a lawsuit in New Jersey that may have standing. Leo Donofrio believes the courts have provided standing to voters in previous lawsuits. Donofrio addresses standing in his lawsuit he sites two previous cases in New Jersey, first Ridgewood Education Association vs Ridgewood Board Of Education where the court stated "We see no reason why this State's historic liberal approaches to the issue of standing in general....should not apply to taxpayer suits challenging the quasi-legislative actions of local boards of education." and second Silverman vs The Board of Eduction in Millburn township. Another Lawsuit that will be required to be addressed is from California. Alan Keyes a presidential candidate from the American Independent Party has filed a lawsuit challenging Obama on his "natural born" eligibility. This case should not be dropped for standing because Keyes was on the ballot in California and as a candidate he can show standing and how having an ineligible candidate on the ballot hurt his cause. In all likelihood one of these cases will have to be heard on the merits. Of these three lawsuits someone has to have standing: Berg as a citizen, Donofrio from previous State Court rulings and questioning every candidate, or Keyes a Presidential Candidate himself. Whatever Obama is hiding on his birth certificate is bound to come to light.

The other issue that refuses to die is that Obama may not have registered for the draft. A retired federal agent submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for the documents surrounding Obama's selective service registration. The documents the agent received have big question marks. The documents received have a document location number from 2008 rather than 1980. The form has an unreadable date. It could be a document from FEB 1980 or FEB 1990. Apparently, there was no form dated February 1980 lending credence to the thought the form may be a 1990 revised form. There are no less than nine questions that have arisen that may make this form a fraudulent form. In the event Obama did not legally register for the draft he would become ineligible for the oath of office.

Many supporters of Obama believe it will not matter if Obama is found to be ineligible. They question the ability to overturn the election. After all over 52 % of voters is a majority and that majority should not be over ruled. The Obama supporters do not believe a court would overturn an election. I must beg to differ. I believe that a court would have no other choice but to overturn the election should Obama be found ineligible. The is precedence. The courts have overturned many subjects that have been against the majority of people. Obama hiding something and sooner or later the truth will come out.


Obama Supporters must have reported this article as offensive because RCP took the article down after receiving 30 votes yesterday. The article was up on RCP for approximately 6 hours then disappeared. Obama supporters just can not get over the fact that their "Chosen One" is hiding something in his past that he does not wish to get out. Whatever Obama is hiding will eventually come to light.


Anonymous said...

about a Barack Hussein Obama born in Afrika in 1936 !!!

Looks odd and not possible, but who hnows ?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Thanks for your work Lizard. Have you reposted the article at RCP? I have not been able to find any article pertaining to Barack Obama's eligibility on RCP! I hope you do get it reposted! Everyone needs to do all they can to spread the word!

jbjd said...

I finally managed to post again, today. Five minutes and 3 votes later, it was down. That's 3x in a row; the first time, it got onto the front within 2 hours, and was pulled almost immediately. The second time, it reached 18 on the second page and was pulled. Today, 3rd time, 3 votes, gone. Here's the link to my blog. Please, spread this around.

Anonymous said...

Obama is ineligible to be President. End of story.

Keep posting! The truth will be shown, one way or another.