Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama: Boo'ed in Florida For calling it Ohio

Obama was boo'ed today in Florida. Seems he had no clue where he was at as he thought he was in Ohio. I guess the Chosen One mistook the coast for the Great Lakes.

The chosen one just says he was traveling too much. Of course this is a similar mistake as saying he had previously visited 57 States. Everyone must think this vote through tomorrow and ask yourself one question: Is this the person you want with the keys to our Nuclear Arsenal? Seriously, if Obama has problems under the stress of a campaign what is going to happen when our sworn enemies start rattling their sabres? Get out and vote like your livelihood depends on it... Because it does.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

C'mon, now. Give the fella a break.

His preprogrammed software had a glitch and he fast-forwarded to Ohio.

Could've been worst, I guess.

Juggins said...

One might also want to consider the fact that he just found out his grandmother, who helped raise him, passed away today. It's a mistake that could happen to ANYONE in this situation.

Not to mention ol' McCain's has had plenty of verbal slips himself.

The Lizard said...


Obama and Biden are nothing but verbal slips. They have run a sham campaign covered up through the media. Every misstep by McCain and Palin was examined under a microscope. Every mistake by Obama or Biden was spun away.

Why would you bring up Obama's Grandmother? Are you saying we should give Obama a pass because there is some stress in his life? I'm sure our sworn enemies will stop planning our demise and stop their terrorist threats everytime Obama is under some stress? Your connection to the death of his grandmother is just another sorry excuse for a candidate that needs all the excuses in the world. So you might want to consider your own flawed candidate instead of believing every word he says.