Saturday, November 8, 2008

Now What Happens ?

Welcome to reality, or at least Obama's version of it. The President-elect is now well on his way to imposing his views of what America should be, and what role she should play in an Obama world. We will soon have a President who desperately seeks the approval of inconsequential, weakened nations that long ago forfeited any possibilty at real prosperity because these countries chose welfare over competition.

Most EU nations have crippled their own economies for one reason, they chose to support the least productive members of society at the expense of the most productive. France, revered by possible Secretary of State John Kerry, and the more ignorant members of the media,[read Katie Couric], has completely stifled any semblance of economic competition by providing life-long jobs to even the most incompetent employees. It has become impossible for France to compete in global economy simply because the government has deprived the work force of initiative by surpressing competition. When France destroyed competition in the work place, the corporations began to fail, so the government took control. Somewhere around 60% of corporate France is controlled by the government. An enterprise that by design, can not be profitable, and can not compete on a global scale.

The wonderful French also relaxed their immigration laws and allowed millions of Muslims to emigrate and occupy their nation. Once there however, the French economy, already saturated with citizens occupying guaranteed jobs for life, could not and would not absorb these immigrants into the work force. The French government has isolated their Muslim populace, refusing any attempt at assimilation. Hence the terrible riots and nightly car burning rituals by young, chronically unemployed Muslims a few years ago. Their culture, deprived of initiative and ideas, is unable to produce individuals who are willing to venture out and create new businesses that in turn would provide a growing economic base and create jobs.

America on the other hand, was built on competition. I don't believe for one second that the US is as widely disliked by the world as Obama and most liberals would have us believe. And even if it's true, do you really care what the misfit French or anyone else thinks about us? The very reason they even think about us at all is because we are THE world power, both economically and militarily. How many times do you sit back and worry about what the people of another country think about you? You're probably worried about getting a better job, paying bills and taking care of your family.

That's where Obama's vision of America interferes with all of the above. The financial implosion and subsequent failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac prove that pandering to the financially unstable in our society can only result in disaster. Home ownership, like employment, are not unalienable rights in this country. Deprived of the need to improve their financial standing, people were given mortages they could not possibly afford. The massive failure of these people to pay these mortgages has resulted in an economic catastrophe for all of us. The glaring truth is, not everyone deserves to own a home. No job, or low income, no mortgage. It's not discriminatory, it's common sense. Obama was elected because he made promises that appeal to the economically disadvantaged. He wants to give taxpayer money to people who don't even pay income tax. He wants to take from the most productive members of our society and  give to the least productive. That woman in Florida said it all when she stated," I don't have to worry about buying gas or paying my mortgage". How much you want to bet she's part of the 40% of Americans that don't pay income tax?

Despite his rhetoric about the importance of education, Obama is going to make government assistance an entitlement. Government assistance in the form of Freddie and Fannie, is largely to blame for the economic woes we are currently experiencing. When you take away the need for economic competition, you destroy the need [or even desire] for self-improvement and create an entitlement mentality that is counter productive to financial stability for both the individual and the nation.

Most economists will agree that raising taxes in a recession can only further weaken the economy. But Obama has made so many promises during his two year campaign, that he will be forced to do just that or suffer tremendous voter backlash. We are also looking at a bailout for the auto industry and maybe even credit card debt. Talk about entitlements, now credit card abusers can expect government assistance. With his concept of wealth redistribution not even in play yet, stocks and consumer confidence both plummeted after the election. Most productive Americans are not willing to spend their money when they know Obama's coming after it. Most non-productive Americans, like the French, are expecting the government to come to the rescue, they don't care where the money comes from, it's now an entitlement.

Join the resistance.


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