Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now Is The Time To Lead

First, I would like to congratulate Barack Obama on winning his 2008 Presidential campaign. History was in the making this election cycle no matter who won and today that history is a reality as America proved beyond reasonable doubt that we are not a racist Nation. No longer can anyone say that we need special treatment for minorities because there is no glass ceiling for minorities. The glass ceiling was shattered so it is time to move forward. Now it is time for leadership. Time will tell if this historic election was right for America.

Obama and the Democrats now have all the power in government. There is nothing to buttress the inevitable move to the left. There will be no one to blame for the failures of their policies. The Republicans have been defeated and the evil rich people are about to provide Government more of their wealth. George Bush has been defeated but now there is no one left to blame. The honeymoon period has begun and the final verdict on this election will be written of the course of the next four years.

The jubilation is high but so are expectations. Many voters will be demanding government payments for fuel and mortgages. These are the expectations. Many Obama supporters will be standing in line for the promise of greater career opportunities. Many Obama supporters will be looking for increases in their medical insurance coverage and reduced premiums. Many Obama supporters will be waiting for the checks to hit the universities to attend college. Many Obama supporters will be standing off shore demanding the oil rigs be shut down. Many Obama supporters will be waiting for the promise of energy independence. Obama will be expected to deliver on his promises. There is no doubt that the Democratic controlled Congress will pass anything and everything Obama puts forward. They will also be placing forward their own pet projects.

When the Obama history is finally etched in stone will it be the historic rise to the top or will it be written as a footnote. Only time will tell. This election has the potential to transcend race in America. America has been grappling with this issue for far too long. However, this historic election could set back race relations 100 years or more. Obama has to deliver. Obama has to turn a corner in American politics. Obama must transcend partisan politics and work for the middle. Should Obama pander to the left and move the country down the radical lanes of his constituents, history will not be kind. Obama has to be the person he was built up to be because he will not be allowed a mulligan. Should Americans be turned off by his administration and the Democratic Congress America will never trust their emotions over logic again. Now is the time to lead.

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