Saturday, November 22, 2008

MSM: Whining About The Number Of Blogs

Michael Kinsley has a "Time" article named "How Many Blogs Does The World Need". This article entails the thoughts of a disenfranchised biased Journalist. The Whining starts right away claiming the sheer number of Blogs is "Oppressive".

Kinsley whines that blogs are ruining the fun of scooping other news organizations. There are just to many bloggers that he has to compete with in order to get a story out before the next person. Bloggers have made an impact and are forcing the pathetic pawns to actually do their s jobs. For Years, America has been spoon fed the news cycle. The pathetic pawns were able to simply scoop a story and spin the story to fit their liberal views.

Now bloggers are raising the bar. Bloggers are influencing the news in ways the pathetic pawns never imagined. Bloggers influence opinion and influence the news cycle. Without bloggers this year Americans would never have heard about "Joe the Plumber". The fraud committed by ACORN would never have been brought to light. The "surge" which brought about the chance for victory would have been simply never reported. The little that was reported on the successful surge was a direct result of bloggers.

Now we can see what type of Blogs Michael Kinsley follows as he lists only left leaning blogs and blogs that cater to the young impressionable voters. Even when whining the pathetic pawns show their bias. There is a reason for the expansion of blogs. The reason is that people want to ensure the objective truth is reported on. Bloggers from the left and the right are simply sick and tired of having their news run through the MSM spin cycle before it is reported on. This article in "Time" is just another example of the dying MSM. The pathetic pawns did it themselves but they still feel they should whine about it. The MSM is an elitist institution. The elitist do not like the fact that commoners can also communicate. In many cases the amateur writers and bloggers outperform the pathetic pawns and have more credibility than the pathetic pawns. Bloggers from all walks need to keep pressing. Sooner or later the pathetic pawns will simply go the way of the dinosaur. Good Riddance.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

The fascists are getting more scared by the day.

That said, my question: "How many magazines named 'Time' does the world need?"

Anonymous said...

Just keepin' tabs on the RCP reader articles I have to wonder how many blogs do we need as well? I'm not sayin' we have too many voices and sources though, actually I see quite the opposite. I see far too many blogs all saying the same thing, with the same sources, and for RCP, it's usually the same people on the front page as well. Worse than that, it's usually just a rehashing of talking points from the day's radio demagogues.

People talk about the media being a tightly controlled system of propaganda and blogs being some kind of bastion of truth but information has to come from somewhere and sources are controlled by the same people who own the media conglomerates. Blogs only represent what people want to write and for the most part it's just partisan drivel with only stylistic characteristics to differentiate its newsworthyness. Conservative blogs are confrontational, broad, and one sided, and liberal blogs are narrow and defensive. They all only cater to audiences that are only interested in emotional (conservative blogs) or intellectual (liberal blogs) validation. None of it has any intent on informing and its audience has no appetite for it (because actual information is widely available but spectacularly unpopular).

Sea said...

Pathetic pawns seems about right, doesn't it?

And for Anonymous, who blankets all with one label so easily, a quote from an old president long gone: "He who knows best knows how little he knows."

Anonymous said...

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