Sunday, November 9, 2008

Labor Unions Will Finish The American Economy

Labor unions are on the verge of gaining unprecedented attention from the government of the United States. The Pro Union Congress and a sympathetic President will ensure labor unions are front and center of all their legislation. The laws that will be passed will be designed to strengthen the Union bosses and weaken the laborers they supposedly protect. The Union agenda is no longer what it used to be; it is not for the worker rather it is for the very existent union management. It is ironic that employees who organized under a union to fight and protect themselves against management will now be destroyed by their own union management.

Obama said his first priority is to pass the "employee fair choice act". This bill (S. 1041/H.R. 800) is anything but fair. The bill shifts individual rights away from the employee and towards the union bosses. The bill will take away an employees right to a federally supervised secret ballot when deciding whether or not to join a union. This secret ballot process will be replaced by a "card check" system. When enough employees are strong armed and threatened by union bosses to sign the card. The right of the employee would effectively be stolen by the very people that desire to represent them. This is another socialist value. Take away the rights of the individual and provide it to the collective.

This bill is unpopular with both union and non union households. Almost 90% of households agree with the federally supervised secret ballot. Almost 90% of the people believe this fundamental individual right to decide whether to have union represent the workers or not should be protected by secret ballot and remain a private decision. Seven out of Ten people say they will be less likely to vote for a member of Congress that supports the bill. In all likelihood that is why Obama and the Democrats will push this through almost immediately. By passing this unpopular bill early voters will forget about it by the next election. The plan is to front load the unpopular bills pander to the unions in hopes that the unions are able to whip their members into line. Unions will threaten and strong arm their members. Unions will continue to contribute membership dues to democratic candidates that are friendly with union management. Again the individuals have no say in what happens. The communal philosophy at the expense of the individual is socialistic and goes against the American dream.

Another issue that is sure to come up early in an Obama administration is the "living wage" argument. The democrats have said for years that the minimum wage should be a "living wage". What this means in real terms is many jobs in our economy will be lost. This summer the minimum wage increased to $7.25 an hour. The result was 16-19 year old job seekers found a tight job market. Employers cut back part time workers and reduced labor for young workers. Young workers this year were unable to obtain jobs that would allow then to gain experience and a sense of responsibility. These jobs that have always been available to our youth. Any additional increases will further erode employment for younger workers.

This increase in the minimum wage hurts businesses such as fast food chains. In order to meet higher labor costs fast food chains will inevitably increase prices. Increased prices will create high inflation. Higher inflation will create the need for higher wages. This is a vicious cycle. The Democrats do not see this as a problem. After all they wish to flatten the American class structure. The reason for passing higher minimum wage is due to again Union pressure. Unions tie increases to pay to the minimum wage. Any increase in the minimum wage increases the wages of unions members similarly. Rising labor rates in factories and our industrial base are the reason for our inefficiencies in manufacturing. Rising labor rates make it difficult to compete in a global market. It is funny how our Democratic legislature wants the taxpayer to bailout Detroit while they drive around in their foreign made automobiles.

Both of these proposals will finish off an already ailing economy. The Free choice act will destroy the middle class as all employees become part of the working class. The rising minimum wage will destroy jobs. These jobs will never come back. Not only will the service industry such as fast food be hurt but also larger portions of our industrial base. Larger manufacturers will find it more difficult to sell their goods and products overseas and still make a profit. The direct labor rates will make free trade prohibitive. America will become protectionist and in the end have a declining economy. It will not be a simple recession it will quickly become a full fledged depression.

The last time the world entered a full fledged depression there was only one thing that pulled the world out. A world war will be inevitable. Depression leads to the development of tyrants. People listen to rising rhetoric when they fear for their future. When people around the country and around the globe see increasing inflation and a real erosion of wealth they will fall for any tyrant capable of rising rhetoric and the gift of oratory. The last depression led to the rise of Hitler, Franco, and Mussolini. Obama and the Democrats will enact laws that will create a world depression. One must think who will become the next madman bent of world domination. What nation will rally around a tyrant?


Anonymous said...

Wow. You've never read a history book in your life, right? That's the game here, right? The idea is to try to understand history 'off the top of your head' without bothering to really look into it. You've done a great job!


Brian said...

I can't believe I just wasted my time reading this nonsense.