Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Official: Obama To RULE America

Valerie Jarrett appeared on "Meet The Press" this weekend and said that Obama was ready to RULE America. This makes it official, I am scared, really scared. Watch the video:

The language used by Valerie Jarrett should scare every American. We have not been ruled since 1776, that's 232 years since anyone has been able to claim they ruled in America. We are not a country to be ruled. The Presidency is a position that is used to lead. A position that is defined as the "enforcement branch" of our government. Obama said we should listen carefully to words. I did and the words from Obama's Spokeswoman scare me.

Our Nation's first President stated that we should not be a Monarchy. The people wanted to make him King George. Washington said he would not be King. The constitution of the United States established a government for the "people by the people". Read that simple line. It clearly States that our government representatives serve by the will of the people. The Presidency is not a ruling position. It is a leadership position.

There should now be little doubt what Obama intends to do with our country. Obama has spoken comments concerning spreading the wealth around should becoming much clearer. Obama has said he desires a Civil National Security Force that is just as well funded and equipped as our military. Now a Spokeswoman says Obama is ready to RULE America. These are Communistic words, these are words that have meaning. We can not keep falling for Obama and his oratory gift. America is in trouble. Obama and his cult like following will turn our Democratic Republic into a Communistic State.

Valerie Jarrett is in Obama's inner Chicago circle. Ms. Jarrett has been rumored to be chosen for Obama vacant Senatorial seat. America can not have a Senator that lacks the basic understanding that the American people refuse to be RULED. We need to make our voices heard now and stop this impending train wreak now.

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