Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's The Economy and Energy Is The Most Important Component

The focus on the economy since mid September has benefited Obama in his bid for the Presidency. As the markets crashed and unemployment rose people looked for a change in policies. The problem is everyone took their eyes off the ball. The main component that needs to be addressed is energy; everything else is cyclical and will recover in a free and open market.

Energy is something that has to be addressed. This summer gasoline prices were well over $4.00 a gallon at the pump. Earlier this Fall people placed contracts in for heating oil and over paid for heating their homes. Obama's bribe to giveaway $1,000 will not be able to cover the heating oil required to heat our homes with rising oil prices. The only reason prices have fallen is because the world markets have all declined, thus reducing demand. Once the economy gets back on track and it always does, the demand for oil will again increase and prices will soar. Obama has no real plan for energy. All of his plans for energy are anti jobs for Americans and provide no short term bridge to the future.

Obama wants to bankrupt the coal industry:

Obama is against Off Shore Drilling, Obama is against coal technology, Obama is against Nuclear technology, and Obama is against ANWR drilling. Obama says prices controls will establish a change in habits and the need to develop future technology. We as Americans are to feel some pain and will have to wait for something to be developed. Obama supports an increase in the fuel tax which is regressive. Obama's energy plans will spend the $1,000 tax giveaway bribe and be recouped by Obama with this regressive gas tax.

Obama is willing to nationalize corporations with union labor friendly to his campaign and bankrupt corporations that are against his campaign. Obama has attempted to bribe and buy his way into the oval office. Obama's only economic policy he has talked about is his bribe of $1,000. Obama recognized that some of his ideas were not selling so well so he opened the address verification system allowing foreign donors and illegal donations into his campaign so he could buy this election. Obama has not bridge to the future in energy. We can fix the other facets of the economy but if energy is left as it is and the only plan is on developing a long range alternative energy source plan the economy will not recover properly and we will feel the pain.

Mark my words oil prices will immediately start rising if Obama is elected. Speculators again will enter the market because there will be no drilling. Unemployment will rise because the Democrats will push for higher minimum wages. Unemployement will rise because Obama will bankrupt companies that are not part of his coalition. Housing prices will continue to decline because Obama will keep people in a house they should not have been able to be in the first place. Inflation will rise due to increasing pressure of rising energy costs. Obama does not understand that as companies have increased expenses one of two things will happen. 1. They will raise prices to offset the rising costs or 2. they will reduce employment or close their doors. Unfortunately for Obama businesses are in business to make money they are not in business to lose money so Obama can bribe the poor.

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Anonymous said...

the global warming alarmists are the problem. since mccain is one of them, energy never became a campaign issue. we could be totally free from imported oil and an oil exporter in a decade if it were not for all of the politicians worshipping at the altar of al gore and his ilk.

domestic production plan