Thursday, November 27, 2008

Franken and Reid: Fraud Conspirators

Al Franken is in contention for the US senate. On election night the race for the US Senate was too close to call. Norm Coleman had the lead though and the lead while not insurmountable was indeed large enough that a recount in a likelihood would not over turn the results. However, as the election board directed all canvassing boards to recheck theirs numbers before the election results would be certified low and behold over six hundred more votes for Franken were found. In one case 32 ballots were found in the trunk of an election workers vehicle. In another a number was transposed and Franken wound up with another one hundred votes. In almost every instance a missed count was in favor of Franken.

All of the precincts and counties were directed to reverify their numbers prior to being certified. Franken made up more votes then did all other candidates combined including Obama. Now we as the voting public are to believe that nothing nefarious is going on. Never mind the fact that an election volunteer in the recount was an observer for Franken in one county on a particular day then on the very next day in another county was an independent observer. I'm sure this obviously partisan volunteer has no nefarious intentions.

At any rate the recount is not going the way Franken would like. Franken decided file a complaint regarding absentee ballots that were not counted because of legal issues. The elections board decided against Franken and said the matter would have to be a court issue. The ballots were legally discarded because they were illegally cast but Franken says they should count anyway.

Now just today Harry Reid interjected himself into the Minnesota Senate election recount. Reid said "Today's decision by the Minnesota Canvassing Board not to count certain absentee ballots is cause for great concern." This opens the door for the US Senate to decide an election. This has become a race to win at any cost including winning the race through fraudulent means. The highly partisan US Senate has no business in this race. The Minnesota election officials should count the legal ballots. The Minnesota courts should decide on the "illegally" cast absentee ballots. There is no way the US Senate led by Democrats should even be entertaining taking a seat away from the Minnesota voters.

Should Franken prevail through legal means so be it. If this race is decided by The Democratic lead Senate then the US States as a Representative Democracy is dead. Stealing an election through fraudulent means would become the shot heard round the world. We as a nation can not allow partisan hacks to be stealing our elections from us. Everyone needs to contact their Senators and inform them to stay away from this election recount. Any interference will be seen as an attack on the American constitution.

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