Sunday, November 23, 2008

Four Ohio STASI wanna-bes Disciplined

The disturbing case of Ohio state employees using state (taxpayer) owned computer resources to perform a STASI type investigation of a private citizen has resulted in disciplinary action. Governor Ted Strickland previously ordered Helen Jones-Kelly, director of Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, be punished with  a one month unpaid suspension for illegally ordering a record search on Joe Wurzelbacher, "Joe the Plumber".

Assistant director Fred Williams will be placed on a two week unpaid suspension, deputy director Doug Thompson received a four week unpaid suspension. Two more low level department employees will receive written reprimands, and all of the above must attend ethics training on the handling of confidential information.

Very light punishments for such a severe violation of public trust. Agencies, both state and federal, have access to numerous data bases that contain information on American citizens. We trust that the people employed by these agencies will not use that access to information for personal gain or to satisfy vendettas against citizens of the United States. Ms. Jones-Kelley has demonstrated not only that she is completely devoid of ethics, but she has shown that she feels empowered to use her position as a vehicle to satisfy personal grudges against private citizens. Such a blatant misuse of power cannot go unpunished, and a one month suspension just is not enough. Jones-Kelly, by ordering the illegal records search, not only put her own job in jeopardy, but she showed a complete disdain for the welfare of her employees by ordering them to comply with her illegal request. Such a person cannot be allowed to maintain a position of authority.

Helen Jones-Kelley should be fired immediately, and if not fired, she should be summarily demoted to a position where she no longer has any authority or access to confidential information. Her co-conspirators should also be removed from their present jobs and placed in similar positions. All five of these state employees have proven through their actions that they can no longer be trusted.

Enough of the STASI tactics...get rid of these people, they are a disease.

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