Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fairness Doctrine: Not Fair; Likely Unconstitutional

The Democrats now firmly in control of our government want to implement something called the "Fairness Doctrine". This doctrine is aimed at talk radio. Basically it says the there must be equitable time given to both liberal talk radio and conservative talk radio. The problem is that this "Fairness" is only aimed at talk radio where the liberals have a difficult time catching on.

The Democrats only want this to apply to places thy can not get a foothold. Never mind the fact they own the pathetic pawns in the main Stream Media. Imagine Katie having to co-anchor with Hannity. Better yet pair Chris Matthews with Ann Coulter. The Democrats are attempting to silence the right. They will not even look into their favorite media outlets and their outright bias. Don't believe there is bias then read the Washington Post and the Politico website. Both fully admit they were biased. One MSM opinon writer went as far as to say the bias saved America. The Politico said "SO What". Perhaps these obviously biased one-sided outlets also need to be balanced for the sake of "fairness". But no the Democrats only target areas that they can not compete or have a fawning following.

In the end I believe this act will be found unconstitutional. here is a right to free speech. There is also a freedom of the press. This in all likelihood will be struck down by the Supreme Court for attempting to silence dissent. The main question that would be raised is why only talk radio and not all media outlets. This is an obvious political move by the democrats to silence the right.

I am beginning to find that when the Democrats talk about freedom and fairness it is only freedom and fairness as it relates to themselves and their followers. Just take a look at the Freedom of Choice Act. This is not about freedom but rather it is a strong armed tactic that will be used by Union bosses (Democratic Constituency) to force unionization of America's labor force. The left wants to reduce workers rights in the name of "Freedom". So when a Democrat start talking about fairness and freedom watch out because someone is about to take it in the shorts.


Jeremy E. Sarber said...

You got it exactly right. I call it what it is...fascism.

Dave H said...

Democrats favor dictatorial government as long as it's run by Democrats.

Nate said...

Woah, the dems want to reinstate the fairness doctrine? That sounds like fascism! When did Democratic leadership say that? we need to get their exact words out!

Publius said...

I'm a long-time Democrat and a strong Obama supporter, but I will oppose with all my might any attempt to revise the "Fairness Doctrine". It's a plain violation of the First Amendment, a content-based speech regulation, and runs afoul of the Supreme Court's ruling in Tornillo. Many, many Democrats feel the exact same way.