Thursday, November 27, 2008

Doomsday Clock: Approaching Midnight

The hands of the doomsday clock are edging closer to witching hour. The President elect is perceived as weak and ineffective. Even as the chosen one spoke against establishing preconditions for talks with the world's tyrants, these tyrants established preconditions for the US to talk to them. The Soviets are rattling their sabers. They have threatened to deploy a missile base in Kaliningrad. The Russians are war gaming with Venezuela. The Russians have promised to assist Hugo Chavez develop a Nuclear program. The Russians have promise to provide assistance to the Iranians to finish a nuclear reactor project next year. The Chinese are constantly hacking into America's Information Technology backbone. Terrorists from a nuclear Pakistan keep targeting a nuclear India. The recent efforts to destabilize the world's governments are because of one reason: The Russians, Venezuelans, Iranians, Cubans, Chinese, and Islamic Terrorists perceive Obama as being weak.

The Russians waiting until November 5th to threaten placing a tactical missile base in Kaliningrad. This threat comes on the heels of the Russians invading a Sovereign Georgia. The Russians waited for the grand announcement of placing weapons of mass destruction in a province with borders between two NATO countries until after the election because of the initial responses from the campaign. McCain strongly condemned the invasion and stood by Georgia. A weak Obama blamed the incident on both countries and threatened to take it the the UN. The weak initial response from Obama emboldened the Russians.

The Russians then participated in wargames with Venezuela. This is the first time since the end of the cold war that Russian warships have been in the Caribbean. Our Congressional leadership has abandoned our allies in South America all the while our enemies are embracing the Russians. Our Congress refuses to enact a free trade agreement with the Columbian's while Hugo Chavez provides funding for the FARC. The balance of power in South American is shifting.

The Russians have also promised to assist Venezuela with Nuclear technology. This promise involves assistance in research and development of nuclear technology. Nuclear scientists and engineers from Russia will be in our back yard providing technology that could be used against us. The threat posed by a nuclear Venezuela is a stark reminder of the Cuban missile crisis faced down by John F. Kennedy.

The Russians have also promised to assist Iran finish a nuclear reactor next year. The completion of Iran first nuclear power plant will enable the Iranians to develop nuclear warheads. Iran already boasts of 5,000 active centrifuges for enriching Uranium. This nuclear reactor will provide enough resources for Iran to develop one nuclear warhead a year. We already know Iran is intent on eliminating the Jewish state. The Iranians already have missiles capable of reaching Israel. Now the Russians are intent on providing the Iranians will the capability to develop nuclear warheads.

The Iranian and Venezuelan rhetoric was around long before Obama. However, Russia has turned even more belligerent since Obama was elected. The Russian's and their Socialistic ideals were defeated. The Soviet empire crumbled in 1991. Now the sleeping bear is has awoken. Obama is perceived as weak. We are again a nation that may be looking at a situation where nuclear missiles are 90 miles off our coasts. The sleeping bear has awoken because we have elected a President that desires to be liked around the world.

To Obama being liked is far more important than being respected. Obama is a proponent of diplomatic resolution of conflict first, foremost, and last. Obama is a big proponent of the toothless UN. Obama would rather the UN mettles in the worlds problems rather than the US providing leadership. Obama has a stated plan of dismantling our military. In the wake of the Russian invasion of Georgia, Obama deferred the situation to the UN. Once it was known that Obama actually stood for nothing the sleeping bear awoke. This sleeping bear will not rest until again until Obama shows some strength. Reagan produced peace through strength. We were a Nation that put the bear to sleep. Obama through his words woke the sleeping bear. Obama now through actions must put the bear down. Thus far his actions have only emboldened our nations enemies. Unless Obama carries a big stick America will again become embroiled in a cold war. Obama must demand respect. Respect is far more important than being liked. Without the respect of our enemies the doomsday clock ill continue to move towards midnight. With nuclear threats coming from Pakistan, India, Iran, Venezuela the world is ever moving closer to mutual assured destruction. The clock is indeed closer to the witching hour than it has been since the Cuban missile crisis.

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Anonymous said...

I agree Russia needs to be put in its place...

But you're forgeting that Georgia attacked FIRST. Russia was actually retaliating. The only 'invaded' because they were attacked.