Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Death Of the MSM

16 years ago the media set out on a mission. That mission was to destroy Reagan conservatism. In 1992, the media adored Bill Clinton leading into the election. The pathetic pawns hid their subjectivity and always claimed the were nothing but messengers revealing objective facts for the masses. Clinton won and the MSM felt they had done enough to kill Reagan conservatism.

In 1994 there was a rebirth of Reagan conservatism as America rebelled against the Clinton liberalism. This scared the media as they believed they vanquished the evil republicans back in 1992. Again then in 1996, the media interjected themselves in American politics and destroyed an American hero. Bob Dole was not the ideal candidate but the press went out of their way to prove this. They played down the sex scandals of Clinton and displayed their true desires. However, the media always claimed there were just doing their job in an objective manner.

In 2000, the media just had to interject in our politics again. The media called Florida even before all the polls in Florida were closed. This was in a very close election and in all likelihood held down Republican turn out in Western States that were still open. So when they wrongly called Florida and disenfranchised Florida voters they blamed the exit polls. They blamed everyone but themselves. The media was foolish and illegally interjected themselves into the peoples business. The shenanigans of the media went largely unnoticed due to the judicial crisis that ensued. The media illegalities won the popular vote for Gore but they could not win in the courts to save Florida. The media then started on a campaign to destroy Bush. For the next four years the media would spin their opinion in every editorial piece.

In 2004, the mask of liberal journalism was lowered a little bit more. Dan Rather utilized forged documents to prove what he believed. The media rallied against Rather but stood behind the story and allowed the mantra of an AWOL President to settle in. Dan Rather went as far as to say "it should not matter if the documents are forged because the story is true". In other words the end justifies the means. Yet the media still claimed to be objective.

For the next two years, the media set out to humiliate Bush. There was never any good news out of Iraq. Iraq was unwinnable and Iraq was another Vietnam. Two solid years of irresponsible journalism on a daily basis. The Congress finally changed hands and the Democrats took control. The do nothing Congress failed to pass any substantial legislation. All the promises that were made by the Democrats were left at the door. They started running for 2008 and allowed our country to stagnate.

When the Presidential election started almost two years ago the media bias was all over the place. The republican party was split according to the media. The democrats were unified. Even during the contested Democratic Primaries the media continued to push this agenda. Never once was the chosen one vetted. The media refused to do their job and investigate Obama and his troubling allies and associations. ANy negative news had to be generated from right leaning blogs and then go viral before the media would pick up on it. The media was too busy blogging with the Daily "Hate America" Kos to worry about any negatives a Democrat could possibly do.

Of course the media ignored the claims of bias. They always claimed they were objective. Then Palin hit them over the head. The media was ill prepared for a Palin Vice President nomination. The media had been laying in wait for a nominal pick. They had all of the dirt and were going to use that against McCain. Instead McCain made a bold move which caught the media and the democrats with their pants down.

The media went to new lows in attacking Palin with unfounded rumors. They never retracted their hateful stories even if they were proven false. The media became indignant and claimed it was their job to vet the candidates. The bias was a farce. America bought into this. The constant indignant mantra fooled many Americans. The media felt vindicated and their attacks continued.

Now with all the opinion polls showing Americans believe the media was unfairly biased (well over 60%) the media had to admit they were biased. Today it could not be clearer. The media has lost all objectiveness and they even admit it. Here is a story that claims "Media Bias Saved America". Again in other words the end justifies the means. We have a free press. They have the right to print as they desire. However, their reputations were built on objectivity. Today their reputation is that of being the propaganda wing of the liberal establishment. Our main stream media has no credibility. At least now they admit they have no journalistic integrity. This should be the death of the MSM as the internet will gain credibility and leave the main stream media to die a violent death. So long MSM it has been nice knowing ya.


Buck O'Fama said...

And good riddance to bad rubbish.

nObama said...

Why don't we help hasten their deaths? Fill out their response cards with phony names and addresses. Call their subscription depts and subscribe under the names of "Mickey Mouse" and the 1981 Dallas Cowboys (just say you're an ACORN voter!) Be creative! Think of ways to cost these bastards time and money and grease their paths to oblivion.