Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An American Hero

John McCain is an American Hero. McCain displayed his strong character and love for his country in his concession speech last night. This is far different than the last two Presidential elections. In 2000, Gore ran straight to the courts to have a recount of votes. Only Gore did not want a statewide recount he only wanted a recount in the four strongest Democratic counties. In 2004, Kerry whined about voter fraud in Ohio. Kerry's campaign refused to admit that Kerry lost and said it was impossible for Kerry to have lost because "Kerry won by significant margins in Cleveland".

In both of these elections the pathetic pawns from the MSM started the attacks on Bush. In my opinion, Bush is extremely popular for what he has had to endure. For eight years the MSM set out to destroy George Bush. It started after their failed attempt to steal an election for Gore (Florida Call prior to Polls closing in Florida). It continued in 2004 with another attempt by the media to steal an election for for Kerry (Dan Rather using obviously fake documents). This culminated in 2008, when the MSM used propaganda to push their own agenda.

Last night John McCain displayed his patriotism. McCain could have decried the thuggish actions of Black Panthers in Philadelphia. McCain could have started massive lawsuits alleging fraud committed by ACORN. John McCain could have whined about the illegal donations made to the Obama campaign. John McCain did none of this. McCain took the high road and showed Americans his love for the country. John McCain's behavior is the behavior we need in our leaders. Maybe the partisan Democrats will learn something from McCain. Maybe the next time they lose their candidate will show some humble patriotism.

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777denny said...

There will probably be a fight for new leadership in the House, and Bohner should go, in my opinion.

We need a NATIONAL LEADER, of which there is NONE in the Senate of House for conservative values that can take the helm of the Conservative Movement right now.

But there IS someone who is NOT busy for the next several years, and who is ready to lead us to victory in 2010 and 1012.

What we desperately need right now is a leader that can immediately inspire Republicans and Conservatives so that we can immediately begin to formulate a message so that he can inspire the money needed to get momentum going for our chances of success in two, short years. Messenger, money, momentum.

There is only ONE person that can devote FULL TIME to our causes and lead our Movement, and that man is Mr. Mitt Romney. He is the ONLY figure that can start the ball rolling right now at the speed of warp.

In the end I would like to see a Romney-Jindal ticket, but I would be happy, ready, able and willing to support Mr. Romney if he can convince his wife and family of another 4 years of headaches, and then another 4 or eight more after that if he wins.

I have posted my thoughts at my blog…

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