Saturday, November 29, 2008

American Crossroads

America is at a crossroad in history. We are about to enter unknown territory where the results will impact not just every American but the lives of everyone on the planet. There is a perfect storm brewing and the end result could be catastrophic. Each of the three issues in and of itself has destroyed civilizations in the past. Now we have the unique prospect of seeing what happens when all three come together at the same time.

First, we have a global recession forming that may rival the Great Depression. We have the democrats clamoring for a new "New Deal". The pathetic pawns in the media are asking idiotic questions like “In your estimation, could we use a little FDR right about now?” from Brian Williams. This question alone coming from a news correspondent shows the contempt the media has for the American public. It is obvious by this question that Williams does not take the current economic crisis seriously. However, let me tell you the crisis is extremely dangerous and requires immediate bi partisan attention. Beyond popular belief from the left Franklin Delano Roosevelt policies did not lift us from the Great Depression. No quite the contrary his policies prolonged the Depression. America came out from the depression a world leader because its resolve to win a war. The Greatest war was fought for no other reason than the Great Depression. Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco would not have come to power without the Great Depression. The rising rhetoric from these tyrants led to the spread of hatred. The bread lines and wheel barrow's full of money required to purchase basic necessities in life are what led to each of their rise. The financial crisis in the US has global ties that may just rival the 1930's. The rest of the world's markets are also taking a beating. The price of oil is a prime indicator of the forces at work here. This summer when the world's economies were still growing and producing oil was selling at almost $150 a barrel. Now with the world markets in the tank oil is selling at around $50 a barrel. The high cost of energy is the root cause of the rapid decline in global markets. As soon as the economies of the world start showing signs of recovery the price of oil will go right back to where it was and the world economic powers will right back where they started. This will be the cause of the rise of ruthless tyrants. The ruthless tyrants will assume power bent on destruction and global domination. This has been repeated in the past many times. Leaders who rise in uncertain times due to popular revolt end up on the wrong side of history.

Second, the Russians and Islamic radicals are rattling their sabers. The Russians have threatened to move a missile base into Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad is between two NATO countries and our defenses would be powerless to stop a Russian invasion into these countries. Russia views the election of Obama as a sign of weakness and why shouldn't they. Obama has said he would talk to our enemies without pre-conditions. Obama deferred to the UN when Russia attacked Georgia. The Russians feel emboldened and believe Obama is powerless to stop them from World domination. Medvedev was in Venezuela last week discussing and overseeing joint war games. Medvedev also visited Cuba on his way home. There is little doubt the Raul and Fidel Castro discussed joint military relations and quite possibly the deployment of Russian missiles to Cuba, just 90 miles south of Florida. Russia has promised both the Iranians and Venezuelans with assistance in the development of nuclear technology. Our enemies have been emboldened by the election of Obama. Now a weakened America has the opportunity to see if Obama has the mettle to stand up to the world's tyrants. Obama better act fast the Russian threat will move and combine with the economic turmoil in the United States causing a storm big enough that we may not be able to quell it in time to save the world from itself.

Third, the Islamic radical have become emboldened. The last three days showed exactly what 10 radicals can do when they set their mind to it. This was not an attack on India. It was an attack on the Global markets. The terrorist attack on the Mumbai financial district shows how interconnected the three pillars of the crossroads has become. An attack on a financial district at a time of economic crisis around the world. This attack in India may seem like it is far away and not associated with us but nothing could be further from the truth. The tentacles of radicalism are far reaching. This was an attack on democracy around the world. India is the worlds largest democracy. This attack was intended to disrupt financial activity in the region. Right now any disruption in financial activity could be devastating to the world's economies. The Al Qaida second in command said just the other day that the financial crisis could be eased if only America and Western culture would just embrace and accept Islam. That is a major problem with Obama's foreign policy concept. Obama believes we can use diplomatic relations and talk to these tyrants. The problem is that the only alternative to destruction is conversion to Islam in the minds of the radicals. The "peaceful" religion of Islam preaches death and destruction to all non believers. There is little doubt that the radical Islamists are bent on world domination. The only thing holding them back right now is technology. However, with Pakistan having nuclear weapons and Iran bent on developing them it will not take long before they have bargaining chips in the game.

America is at a crossroads. It is either time to talk tough and carry a big stick or it is time to stick our heads in the sand and hope for the best. We have a financial crisis that history tells us will not end without a war, we have a rise in rhetoric between the last two great super powers which we now know only ended because of an implosion of the Soviet economy. Couple this with Islamic fundamentalism and we now know we are in turbulent times. Diplomatic relations will not resolve these differences. Take the wrong path and America will either be involved in a World War, A Civil War, or a Holy Crusade. America has overcome all three of these impending disasters in the past. The difference this time is that we are facing all three at once.


Publius said...

There are many options other than to "talk tough and carry a big stick" or "stick our heads in the sand," and many Americans look forward to President Obama exercising them. Instead of elevating the Islamic thugs to equality with civilized government through the misguided "war on terror", we could have treated these common thugs as the criminals they are and work collectively with our allies around the world to track them down and root them out. At the same time, we can work responsibly to address existing sources of tension in the area. These times do not call for panic, but for calm, thoughtful leadership -- and we have that now, at long last.

Brian C. said...

In a way I kinda have to agree with Publis...

You can't fight a conventional war with terrorists. They have to be 'surgically removed' from their societies... then the societies have to be allowed to be 'terrorist proofed' by fighting their poverty and religious propaganda.

Now, this is where your Special Ops and Green Berets come in really handy. These make up a large amount of our forces in Afghanistan now actually.

There isn't a Germany to attack this time...

There's a bunch of tents spread out spreading lies and convincing people to kill themselves khamakazi style in the name of the cause.

That's worse than Viet Nam... and it's in the Desert.

I would definately Trust Petraeus with this type of assignment. He has the most modern type of tactic to deal with this kind of threat. We can't take the General Eisenhower/FDR approach this time. No big D-Day invasion.