Sunday, October 12, 2008

Who Is Obama? What Is He Hiding?

There is a lawsuit against Barack Obama and the DNC among others stating Obama is not a citizen of the United States. Below is a video with an interview of Philip Berg the attorney bringing the case forward. This video represents what the pathetic pawns of the MSM should be doing.

On Oct 9th, Philip Berg revised his complaint and added the Secretary of State from Pennsylvania as another defendant. Additionally, Philip Berg added that he believes Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya in the Coast Hospital. Berg says he has conducted extensive investigations and pulls not only a city but a hospital also. Why is this important? For one Berg would not have placed a presumed place of birth and Hospital if he did not have at a minimum circumstantial evidence of Obama being born in this specific hospital.

Now another Blogger (Texas Darling) says she received an "unverified tip" that three persons received a certified copy of Obama's Kenyan birth certificate. I am not a conspiracy theorist and would have never believed this to actually be true. In fact when I first heard rumors about Obama perhaps not being a US citizen back in May I dismissed the rumors as being internet rumors being passed around to people that flat out would not vote for Obama but may stay home rather than vote for McCain; predominately conservatives that were not on board the McCain express. However, now there is growing evidence of Obama hiding something. If the charges that Obama is not a US natural born citizen are false it is easy to prove. I do have some questions that have persuaded me that perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye:

1. Why would Obama go on vacation to Hawaii in the middle of the campaign, especially since he went on vacation immediately after Russia invaded Georgia?

To me this is an important question. The Russia/Georgia conflict was an international crisis. Obama decided a vacation was more important than providing leadership.

2. Why did Obama go to Kenya in 2006?

To me this is important because the trip happened right after Obama's paternal Grandmother gave a interview to reporters concerning Obama and his birth. She says she was present in the delivery room when Obama was born. She has never allowed another interview.

3. Why won't Obama release any past records?

To me this is important because Obama has refused to show a certified copy of the long Birth Certificate form. He shows a questionable certificate of on his own website. Obama provides a copy to the Daily Kos. Obama sends this same copy to fact Yet refuses to send anything to the pathetic pawns of the MSM? Why you might ask? Perhaps because the copy had been photo shopped. His own website has an interest in getting Obama elected. The daily kos is a far left website that pushed lies about Sarah Palin leaving no doubt that they back Obama. Finally, fact check is a part of the Chicago Annenberg project which Obama chaired for years. Does anyone else see something wrong here? There has been no independent verification. The only verification is from Obama backed sources and the media has bought into it hook, line, and sinker. This is evidenced by the Seattle Times and Boston Globe publishing an article that says it is obvious Obama is a natural born citizen, yet offer no proof other than the three biased sources listed above.

Why will Obama not release medical records. These records could show where Obama was actually born. This is important because what if there is something in Obama records that show psychological problems or more extensive drug use than Obama lets on. Should we not be allowed to know the state of mind of our candidates for elected office?

What about college records? Perhaps they also show where Obama is a citizen. These are records that should not be a problem being delivered unless there is something to hide. All other presidential candidates regularly produce records of these type, not Obama though because he thinks he is beyond reproach.

4. Why is Obama fighting to dismiss the charges?

This is important because it should be simple for Obama to produce a long version of his birth certificate. This is all the Philip Berg requires to drop the lawsuit. Most voters would be more than satisfied with knowing the birth certificate has been produced and this issue could be put to bed.

5. Why would the DNC fight to dismiss the lawsuit?

This is important because the DNC has a different role. They have a responsibility of ensuring their candidate is eligible for the office. What has Obama prodced to the DNC ensuring his eligibility? If it was a long form birth certificate I find it hard to believe it has not been leaked to the pathetic Pawns in the MSM as proof to make this issue just go away.

6. What documents did Obama provide the Senate Ethics board that satisfied Dianne Feinstein that Obama was indeed eligible?

This is important because if Obama passed this why would it also not have been leaked to the MSM? The issue could be put to bed if only someone would produce the proof needed outside of the Obama campaign, daily kos, and Fact check.

7. Why is Obama and the DNC now trying to delay discovery?

Discovery is due in by 15 OCT 08. Yet Obama and the DNC are fighting to delay the rules of discovery. The easy thing to do is supply the required documents. The person hiding something is the only one that seek to delay discovery. This delaying tactic shows Obama is trying to run out the clock. If he makes it to election day and wins the constitutional crisis that would ensue would create riots in our cities if Obama is removed. So Obama would in effect get the constitution changed illegally in an effort quell the riots and appease the far left and minorities. Believe me if we do not find out prior to the election and this comes to light after there is no way Obama would be impeached. The violence that would ensue would burn our cities to the ground.

All I am asking is for the pathetic pawns to do their job. There are suggestions that three people have official Kenyan documents showing Obama was born in Kenya. The media needs to investigate this. The media had no problems sending an army of reproters and lawyers to dig up dirt on Governor Palin but they refuse to investigate Obama even though his actions show he is hiding something. There is no doubt that Obama is hiding something and that something may just be the answer to Who is Obama?


Fred said...

Lizard, really...

"Berg would not have placed a presumed place of birth and Hospital if he did not have at a minimum circumstantial evidence of Obama being born in this specific hospital."

How is that? you add some "specificity" that could be pulled from a phone book, and it makes this ludicrous argument believable?

Good luck with your lame attempts to demonize one of your "fellow American's"

The Lizard said...


The exact hospital when there is more than one is specificity. By the way you did not answer any of the questions. The main one being What is Obama hiding? Try again.

kevin said...

It's an interesting conspiracy theory, but all your evidence relies either on unnamed sources, circumstantial evidence, vast leaps in logic, and twisted/half truths. Why would they try to dismiss the lawsuit? Because that's what everyone does when they're sued, especially if they believe there's no merit to the lawsuit. Going to court costs money and resources, and providing the documents to Berg only draws attention to the case when at this point no one outside of the lunatic fringe on the right are paying attention. You think because Berg was able to identify the name of a hospital in Kenya he must has some evidence that it's true? It couldn't possibly be that he has an agenda, namely that of proving he's not a whack-job after the whole 9/11 Truth movement thing.

A blogger receives an unverified tip, and we're supposed to take that as evidence? His vacation was planned and reported on before the Georgia/Russia conflict took place. has nothing to do with the Chicago Anneberg Challenge, it's run by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania; the two have nothing to do with one another outside of the fact that they received funding from the same person, who happened to be a Republican and was a close friend of Ronald Reagan. Plenty of presidential candidates have not released their grades or medical records, although personally I think they should at least be required to release an official summary of both.

You can make a case for anything using the type of 'evidence' and leaps in logic used in this case. There's no solid evidence that Obama was not born in Hawaii; on the contrary, he has released his birth certificate and birth announcements from the local paper. But once he does, all of a suddent they're forged. Maybe that's why he doesn't want to get into the lawsuit at this point, because any evidence he brings is going to be accused of forgery. You can't prove a negative; if Berg believes and wants to prove Obama was born outside the US, it's up to him to provide solid evidence that will stand up in court to support his accusation. Until then, Obama and the DNC have no reason or responsibility to address the matter beyond what they've already done.

kevin said...

"The exact hospital when there is more than one is specificity."

Not without providing some evidence to back up the claim it's not. Here's a list of hospitals in Kenya I found in a 3 second search:

Pulling one of those that is close to where Obama has family roots and posting it without evidence is not specificity, it's a blind and baseless accusation. Again, show me some concrete evidence.

The Lizard said...

There are many people that are questioning the short form Obama provided. But no one has come forward with an actual copy showing the seal from the state. If I was bringing a lawsuit against someone I certainly would have some type of proof after all I would have to prove my allegations by the preponderance of the evidence. This "planned" vacation was planned in a hurry. In fact it was after people started believing Obama's COLB was forged. Obama has problems and it is better to be open now than it is later. If the unverified source is correct and three people have official Kenyan documents it is better to know now rather than later.

Another important fact that is being missed is that it was legal to register a birth in Hawaii even if one was not born in Hawaii. That is why the long form is necessary. Remember his own grandmother says she was present in the Kenyan hospital when Obama was delivered.

The Lizard said...

I know the hope is that Obama is not lying. I am not sure his actions are those of an honest person. If a criminal conducted oneself similar to Obama the police would be very suspicious. Why shouldn't we question Obama when he has actually shown no one that can independently verify his credentials any documentation. The only parties the have the privilege of seeing so called "official " documents are partisan and in the tank for Obama?

Sure Berg listed a specific hospital. Sure a quick search would result in finding hospitals in Kenya. It seems far fetched that someone bringing a lawsuit would "just pick one" from the search and list it in a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...'
Obama under fire for missing gun vote

Noting that Obama had voted "present" on an unsuccessful motion to reduce the penalty for unlawfully carrying a gun in 1998, the Rush campaign suggested that Obama's failure to show up for the vote showed lack of commitment to gun control.

"Senator Obama did not show up for the vote then [in 1998], and he did not show up for the vote now," said Rush.

Obama has a history of ducking anything that requires a documented decision.

kevin said...

There are many people who question a lot of things. Tens of thousands, perhaps millions of people question the story behind 9/11. Millions of people, including high ranking military officials, question the story of Roswell. Perhaps just as many believe that Apollo 11 landed in the deserts of the southwestern US and not the moon. Many people believe they were abducted by aliens.

There are also many people, including government officials and agencies, who have said the document is official, including the Hawaii Department of Health. Just as many people, probably more say the birth certificate is not forged. I have worked with some of the best Photoshop experts in the country who say they can't see any evidence that it was Photoshopped. That doesn't mean it wasn't, it just means that you can't tell that it was. I'd be inclined to believe them over people who don't know what Photoshop is, think it is just a verb for 'altered,' and automatically throw the possibility out there without even examining the document.

Again, you can throw out all these accusations, suggest hypotheticals and possibilities, whatever. But Philip Berg is a seasoned and experienced lawyer. He knows what kind of evidence is needed to prove his case. And he still hasn't provided any concrete evidence. He has spread misinformation and lies, such as stating that FactCheck is owned by Anneberg of Chicago, which is clearly false (and he should know that, considering it's run out of the U of Pennsylvania and he lives and practices in Pennsylvania). Obama has done what is required of him to prove his eligibility; beyond that it is up to those challengine him to provide evidence to the contrary.

I'll leave you with a quote from PolitiFact:

"If this document is forged, a U.S. senator and his presidential campaign have perpetrated a vast, long-term fraud. They have done it with conspiring officials at the Hawaii Department of Health, the Cook County (Ill.) Bureau of Vital Statistics, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois and many other government agencies."


"And there’s the rub. It is possible that Obama conspired his way to the precipice of the world’s biggest job, involving a vast network of people and government agencies over decades of lies. Anything’s possible.

But step back and look at the overwhelming evidence to the contrary and your sense of what’s reasonable has to take over."

Anonymous said...

There are other serious questions.

Obama attended a school restricted to citizens in Indonesia under the name Barry Soetoro with the relgion of Islam. Obama has checked forms saying did not go by any other names. There is no documentaton that Obama entered the USA legally.

Anonymous said...

Stay with the program Kevin. All that about a "Certification of Birth" which is not the issue at hand. We are talking about actual birth records.

kevin said...

"Sure Berg listed a specific hospital. Sure a quick search would result in finding hospitals in Kenya. It seems far fetched that someone bringing a lawsuit would "just pick one" from the search and list it in a lawsuit."

Again, then show me the evidence. If he has evidence to support the accusation, then fine. But as of now all he has done is name a random hospital in Kenya without providing evidence.

This isn't just me being stubborn and not wanting to admit that Obama is a fraud. I just don't see any concrete evidence, and any time anyone verifies the document, they are called a fraud, a phony, partisan, in the tank, etc. If you come to the table absolutely assured that what you believe is true, it's easy to dismiss any evidence to the contrary as phony or made up. No matter what happens, no matter how many people verify his birth, no matter what court throws out the lawsuit, I'm sure there will always be people who believe that Obama pulled off the biggest scam in the history of our country.

No Sheeples Here! said...

Thanks for posting this video. I posted it at my blog yesterday at 4:29 PM and also linked it at Real Clear Politics. Some time between 10:30 and 11:00 PM it was SCRUBBED from the RCP website. Concerned citizens MUST keep this video in the public eye.

It is troubling that Obama’s campaign doesn’t care if we find out about his association with ACORN, his support of infanticide or his deep connections with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers but they go to great lengths to quash any reference to his birth certificate.

Why won’t Obama provide a “vault” copy of this birth certificate? What is being hidden from the American public? Let’s stand guard over liberty together.

Anonymous said...

Besides the issues, attorney Berg brought up on his Federal Lawsuit, which is an excellent document, and one really has to wonder, why, this person who uses the alias Barrack Hussein Obama does not comply?

Additionally, when the then Obama's mother remarried another Muslim man, this one from Indonesia, she took the boy and moved to Indonesia.

In Indonesia, he was legally adopted through the Indonesian courts by the Muslim step-father and renamed "Barry Mohamed Soetoro". In those years Indonesia, did not recognize dual citizenship status and therefore, any citizenship, i.e, US would be null and voided.

His mother enrolled him, in Islamic Muslim schools under the newly given name by the Indonesia courts of "Barry Soetoro".

Years, later, the alias of Barrack Hussein Obama arrives in the US. However, there is no record in the Judicial archives in Hawaii and Illinois of any petition to the courts, as required by the laws of these states, for a name change to the alias now being used of "Barrack Hussein Obama".

Check the archives yourself, if you doubt this fact. Even, has been totally unable to answer that question, even though they were supplied with the data, completely.

As for the rioting, I have to question, who would do the rioting? I would imagine, as has been the norm in the past, that it would be the black Americans, thinking white America is pulling a fast one.

However, in reality, I believe the rioting, protesting, etc., will come from the mainstream America, when they find out, they were lied to by the Democrats who are aware of the fact, that Obama is a non-citizen, and are urinating on the Constitution and salivating at the opportunity to further advance their liberal agendas nationwide and destroy our Constitution, the very document, they sworn to uphold!

Anonymous said...

Lizard - can you imagine the danger in this beyond our discovery? Obama could be blackmailed by anyone - or any government that has that birth certificate.

Anonymous said...

Barak Obama is serving only his second term in the Illinois State Senate so he might be fairly charged with ambition, but the same might have be said of Bobby Rush when he ran against Congressman Charles Hayes. Obama also has put in time at the grass roots, working for five years as a community organizer in Harlem and in Chicago. When Obama participated in a 1996 UofC YDS Townhall Meeting on Economic Insecurity, much of what he had to say was well within the mainstream of European social democracy. To volunteer, call 773 846 2262. Contributions may be sent to Obama for Congress 2000, PO Box 497987, Chicago, IL 60649.

kevin said...

As long as we're going to conjecture, why would he use the 'alias' Barack Hussein Obama if it were not his real name and he had any intention to run for public office and invade our government from within? Of all names he could have chosen, why would he choose one that includes the name of a ruthless dictator hated by the vast majority of the American people and a last name similar to that of the leader of a terrorist group? It seems to me if he was going to just choose a name to use while running for office that Barry Soetoro is a lot less conspicuous that Barack Hussein Obama. So why would he use the name he does? Maybe because it's the one on his official birth certificate, you know, the one he provided to prove his citizenship?

Anonymous said...

You are a are looking for answers that have already been answered.....His birth certificate thats posted all over the net is not good are fishing for things that are not there..

Do you see Obama requesting double proofed McCain health records???? NO So Shut Up already.....

The Lizard said...


The posting all over the internet you talk about are the same identical dcument produced by Obama. None of it is original and never verified by any independent of the campaign. Obama has given everyone plenty of reasons to demand independent verification. He is a proven liar and idiots like you fall for anything. So until you come up with more than insults TRY AGAIN.

kevin said...

I don't think calling anyone a moron is helpful at all to the debate. I personally think the evidence provided thus far is flimsy at best, and has all the markings of a conspiracy theory used to undermine a candidate for someones personal gain at worst. But calling people stupid is no way to get them to listen to your argument.

You do touch on an important point about McCain though. Why is it that all this time, energy, and resources are being invested trying to prove Obama ineligible, to prove he's a Manchurian candidate sent to destroy America from within, and no questions are being asked about McCain? Because Obama is an unknown to many people, and by stoking the xenophobic flames of fear you can convince people that they must be afraid of an Obama presidency, and do all they can to work against it. Now I'm not calling everyone who believes this a racist or xenophobe, I'm just saying that the effect is to trigger those feelings among those who have them, and to ensure a certain segment of the population absolutely will not vote for Obama under any circumstances. I have yet to hear from anyone who was even on the fence about voting for Obama buy into this theory. It's all people who had disdain for Obama from the beginning, and saw him as a Marxist terrorist-sympathizing traitor extremeist ideologue from the beginning.

Seeing the conspiracy theory game being played here, with people connecting dots that have no business being connected, here's an alternative for you:

Berg was a die-hard Clinton supporter, and worked hard for her in the primaries. He wants to see her in the White House. Knowing that if Obama wins this election Hillary won't be running in 2012, he cooks up this plan to ensure Obama is not elected this year, so after McCain flubs his way through four years of an unpopular presidency, Hillary emerges four years from now, riding in on a white horse to save the country from the destruction caused by McCain and his new-found neocon friends.

See how crazy it sounds making baseless and unfounded accusations?

The Lizard said...


Your point is valid. The problem though is your trying to shoot the messenger. Berg brought the lawsuit. It is very easy to show the required original certified documents and not some internet copy. Obama could put this to rest yet chooses not to. Don't shoot the messenger (Berg). All Obama has to do is show proof that is not some internet copy provided by his campaign. Obama is acting guilty. Usually where there's smoke there is fire. In this case the actions of Obama make it very plausible that the original birth certificate (long version) shows Obama may have been born somewhere else. It may show that Obama was a late registration. A late registration will mean one of two things:(1) Obama was not born in a hospital. Nothing wrong there but Obama has said he was definitely born in a hospital which will bring even more questions and scrutiny. (2) Obama was born out of the country and his mother traveled back to Hawaii after she was cleared for travel. Remember she traveled from Kenya when it would have been difficult to get cleared to travel due to her pregnancy.

kevin said...

"None of it is original and never verified by any independent of the campaign."

Except the Hawaii Department of Health, who would be the agency issuing the birth certificate. What do you want him to do, hold a press conference holding his birth certificate and allow reporters and forensic experts and anyone who has any questions to thoroughly examine it, and then run it through lab tests to prove its authenticity? No one running for a seat on the local school board would be stupid enough to allow that much focus on a distraction like this. He's done a pretty damn good job of winning over people who said they'd never vote for him for whatever reason, and all that would do is give those people another reason to second guess him. The momentum is in his favor, undecideds and independents are swinging his way, and you expect him to knowingly and purposely change the subject to something that can only hurt him? Even if he provided all the documentation sought, the people asking him for it wouldn't vote for him anyway, so it doesn't benefit him one bit to satisfy their demands. He's done what is required by every other presidential candidate in history to prove his eligibility, and until someone can provide concrete evidence of fraud he has no responsibility to do anything else.

The Lizard said...

Hawaii is not on record as saying that. In fact Drudge had something last week repudiating that claim.

kevin said...

"The problem though is your trying to shoot the messenger. Berg brought the lawsuit. It is very easy to show the required original certified documents and not some internet copy. Obama could put this to rest yet chooses not to. Don't shoot the messenger (Berg)."

I'm not shooting anybody, I'm just asking that if Berg brings a lawsuit that he has something beyond a suspicion and circumstantial evidence to prove his case. I could bring a lawsuit saying Obama is ineligible because he was the offsrping of Bigfoot and a space alien, but if I didn't have evidence to prove it it'd get thrown out, and rightfully so. See my post above why it doesn't benefit Obama in any way to address Berg, and why he has no responsibility to do so.

kevin said...

Janice Okubo, spokesperson from the Hawaii Department of Health, is on record saying that it is a valid birth certificate.

The Lizard said...

The benefit to Obama is that this all goes away. Show the MSM (someone reliable and not MSNBC) and let them verify the original certified document. Obama would not even have to address Berg or the complaint. Obama could move on and this would be water under the bridge.

Avoiding this in its entirety is what does Obama no good. There will be a good many people believing something nefarious is going on until Obama addresses this is some way that is not independent. What benefit does it have Obama to hide from this?

The Lizard said...

This is a copy. How would Janice be able to speak to its authenticity? It would be illegal for her to speak about the authenticity specifically unless Obama released her from her responsibilities. In Hawaii the only people authorized to obtain a certified authentic document is Obama or a close relative. Her looking at the document as it is on the Obama site does not make the copy authentic. What her statement says is that the paper it is on looks like what her office would deliver. In no way does she say it was authentic and not forged. As I said on Drudge last week this was somewhat repudiated.

kevin said...

"The benefit to Obama is that this all goes away. Show the MSM (someone reliable and not MSNBC) and let them verify the original certified document. Obama would not even have to address Berg or the complaint."

But there is nothing to go away, except, like I said, the doubts of a bunch of people who aren't going to vote for him anyway. And now you're stipulating who is and isn't reliable in the MSM, so again if someone does verify it, you can just say that they're not reliable and are in the tank for Obama. He's not going to give it to Hannity or Rush, because that would just publicize this whole thing even more and draw attention to it for the people I mentioned earlier that have swung his way.

And you're right, Janice went as far as she legally could to verify the authenticity. It looks like any other COLB that her office would send out, and it is very possible the stamp on the back does not show through in a copy. The only person who could produce any more evidence is Obama himself, and like I said, there is no benefit for him to do so unless ordered by a court.

Anonymous said...

again do some research before you post. Barack Obama attended school in Indonesia under the name Barry Soetoro. The school registration form even says Obama's religion is Islam. He had to be a citizen of Indonesia to attend school. He could not be a US citizen and attend. So when did he become a US citizen after leaving Indonesia?

kevin said...

Thanks for the tip doc. I've done my research, I know his parents sent him to a school in Indonesia when he was a very young child, and that his parents listed his religion as Islam, again when he was a CHILD and had no say in the matter. My parents baptized me in a Catholic church and sent me to Catholic school, but as soon as I was mature enough to make up my own mind I didn't ever consider or list myself as Catholic. I know he had to be a citizen of Indonesia to attend school there. But just because Indonesia didn't recognize dual-citizenship then, doesn't mean the US didn't either. If the US recognized his dual citizenship it doesn't much matter what Indonesia recognizes. Don't assume just because someone disagrees with you that they are ignorant of the issues and haven't done their research.

The Lizard said...


I did say reliable. I would allow it if it came from most and they stated it was the original certified document and not a copy. I took out MSNBC because it has been obvious they are biased. They went as far as to spread unsubstantiated rumors from the daily kos. These are the sources that are comparable to Rush. Hannity while biased would be fair. If he saw the original he would report it as such. Show it to George or Katie, or Peter, or Charlie I would believe it. While I believe they are in the tank I also believe they would be honest about it even if it hurt their candidate.

Giola said...

Can you imagine the turmoil that would ensue if someone could definitively prove that BHO was born outside the US? Watergate and the Nixon resignation would pale in comparison. It is a well known fact that McCain was born in Panama, but his father was serving in the Navy and stationed in Panama at the time, as a military dependent born overseas he is eligible for the presidency. Not true for Obama, the fact that he will not, or can not produce a certified birth certificate from the state of Hawaii is truly disturbing. If he possessed one, you would think he'd produce it immediately to put this issue behind him. This guy is hiding something, either he is foreign born, or there is something on that certificate that he does not want made his mother or father's name.

kevin said...

But you're still stipulating who is and isn't a reliable source, therefore providing an excuse if someone in the media were to verify it. And just because you would be somewhat reasonable and accept most of the MSM's word on this save for MSNBC, doesn't mean that others would still question it (I agree with you by the way on MSNBC. Personally I tend to agree with Hunter S. Thompson on the lack of importance of objectivity in journalism, but those folks have literally gone off the deep end). It's a no-win situation at this point for Obama to address the rumors, because save for allowing everyone in the country an opportunity to look through his birth records for themselves there's going to be no convincing some people. And again once he proves it, those people still aren't going to vote for him, so all he'd be doing is wasting his resources on something that only detracts from his campaign. If you were satisfied that Obama was a natural-born citizen, would you then vote for him?

There are plenty of things to hit Obama on that are backed up by real evidence, including ACORN, donations from Fannie & Freddie, Ayers, Wright, etc. Your energies and those of Berg et al would be much more well spent focusing on something that could actually gain some traction and make a difference.

The Lizard said...

One year ago I would have voted for anyone not named Bush. Today I would take a Bush third term over Obama. I have written numerous articles on Fannie, Freddie, and characters and judgment issues. I avoided this one until it became apparent that Obama is hiding something. He demanded Hillary's tax records but refuses to show his eligibility. What a shame that Obama believes he is above the law.

misanthropicus said...

"I may be paranoid yet is perfectly true that I've been followed for a while" the saying goes - I am a conservative and there is no way to sway me to vote for Obama or other liberal.
Having said this, I still cannot see how one can dismiss this issue as inconsequential or solved.
It is not solved, and Obama can solve it in a very easy manner - show the paper man, and I tell you, you can exploit this affair handsomely further.
Then, the view that this issue is inconsequential - it is MIGHTY CONSEQUENTIAL, and my bet is (of course, I'm a conspiracy nut), that foreign intelligence agencies in Kenya or Indonesia have worked hard to reap some data on Obama's past there, for just in case - so, what about him being elected US president, the matter left unexamined in the country, yet the proof of his fraudulence in the hands of the Russians, or Chinese or whoever? And thus having a quite powerful lever to blackmail No. 45?
What about that scenario? Methinks that this is a serious possibility which should be deflected by serious research - and those who eschew it should be dealt with accordingly.

kevin said...

It's apparent we're never going to agree on this. I've spent too much time here today on this already, so I'll just say this before I leave: If anyone should be shameful for thinking themselves above the law and for violating the Constitution, it is the Bush administration. With the havoc they put our nation through, the arrogance, the disdain for anyone questioning them, and contempt for any law they saw to be a hindrance to their agenda, preferring them over anyone is a stretch. I'm no Obama lover; I'm extremely disappointed with what he has revealed himself to be, especially after the high hopes many had for him and the bar he set for himself as being someone who was above the fray and would unite the country. But at this point the choice is between an intelligent yet arrogant man who views the world and our place in it from a 21st century perspective, who, agree with him or not, has shown a grasp of the issues and an ability to think deeply and ponder our world in order to better understand it; or an honorable lifelong public servant who dangerously sees the world in black and white, good and bad, right and wrong, with no gray areas in between, a man whose persepective 15-20 years ago would have been relevant, but who today shows no clear grasp of what a globalized world we live in and the nuances of the challenges we face.