Saturday, October 25, 2008

Virginia: Disenfranchising Military Voters

Virgina is busy disenfranchising thousands of voters. The disenfranchisment is happening in Northern Virginia. Northern Virginia is trending more and more democratic party every year. Now in an attempt to ensure Obama wins this part of the state the Faairfax County Registrar is disenfranchising military voters.

While our fighting men and women are busy defending our individual rights and serving their country honorably this registrar has decided that their votes for our government should not count on technicalities. The democratic outcry has always been that voters should not be disenfranchised. This has been the case in in every situation where the democrats believed it was their supporters that were being disenfranchised. This is the democrats line of attack when questioning ACORN and their voter registration fraud. However when it comes to the military who overwhelmingly support John McCain (68%-23% McCain in a military Poll) the democrats remain silent. They do not wish for the military to have a say. After all they are not the urban voter. The urban voter is the middle class at least according to the democrats.

Real Americans are being disenfranchised every day by a democratic party that only cares about having power. If the democrats are able to control the Congress and Presidency they will be a flurry of legislative activity that will move our country radically left. Obama has sounded more moderate during the general than he really is overall. Obama even if he is moderate will be powerless to stop the liberal onslaught that will ensue if the Democrats run the table as expected. Barney Frank is already talking about slashing our military by 25%. Barney Frank is already threatnening the Republicans with either supporting another $150 billion on bailing out the financial mess. This is on top of the $700 billion bailout we the taxpayer have been made responsible for. Obama supports immigration reform that would make illegal aliens US citizens. Obama supports spreading the wealth around. Obama supports socialism in our country.

America needs to wake up. Obama and his socialist followers are in it for power. They will make their urban supporters feel good for a day by providing handouts while destroying our country. Obama and the Democrast will silence dissent with acts such as the fairness doctrine which is not fair at all. Obama and the democrats will increase our taxes and spend us into oblivion. Obama and the democrast are not for middle America. They are for urban America. Small town, suburbian, and rural Americans must rally and turn out in droves to offset the fraud being committed on the left. We must not allow the Obama, the democrats, the liberal left, and the progandists of the MSM to steal this election away. In Northern Virginia the Democrats are more than willing to disenfranchise military voters to win an election. If they gain the power they seek does anyone believe we will ever be free again?

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Anonymous said...

Would you care to tell us how exactly military voters are being disenfranchised, maybe provide a source, or are you just going to make an accusation like that and provide no evidence to support it?