Saturday, October 25, 2008

RCP: Censoring Anti Obama Posts

Real Clear Politics has a right leaning following. Most of the bloggers that post articles to their website are right leaning. This is a great forum for an exchange of ideas. However, recently there have been some issues.

Yesterday, one blogger complained that his articles were disappearing. A week or so ago some bloggers including myself realized that some left leaning bloggers were allowed to cheat the RCP process and gain front page coverage. Two bloggers in particular were allowed front page coverage even though their articles were only receiving 1 vote. Those two specific bloggers posted under the name Darwin65 and Gadfly.

Now today, I posted an article and it was immedaitely taken down for moderation. There was no way it should have been taken down. The article was not inflammatory whatsoever. The Title was simply "Obama: Escapes On A Technicality". The article was an opinion piece concerning the lack of transparancy when it comes to Obama and his birth certificate and other records. My question is this: Why is RCP censoring Bloggers?

I understand censoring unfounded accusations. I understand censoring lies and inflammatory accusations. But reporting on a Blog that a lawsuit was dismissed on a technicality is neither. RCP is becoming a lot like google this summer in censoring anti Obama posts. This behavior is unacceptable in a democracy. Silencing dissent is not what our country was founded on. We are a free country and bloggers have been doing the job of our pathetic pawns of the MSM. Balance in reporting is a must. In this election there has been no balance. The pathetic pawns have been biased in their reporting since the conventions. As prrof I offer the following: The MSM is busy reporting $150,000 expenditure in clothing for Palin while ignoring the fact that Obama lifted the Automatic Verification System in accpeting donations to his campaign. Illegal donations are fueling Obama's record haul and the MSM remains fixated on Palin.

In an effort to have balanced reporting the right leaning bloggers come together on RCP. Now RCP is censoring these blogs. We do not need further erosion in our right to free speech simply because we disagree with socialism and/or Obama. RCP do the right thing and allow balanced reporting.

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The Commonconservative said...

I too, have had one disappear this morning. It had been voted 14 times and was in direct reference to the Berg v. Obama lawsuit. When it was written, Judge Surrick's ruling hadn't been posted that I had found on Berg's site, or any other site.

You can read it if you like and then tell me WHY RCP decided to "moderate" it?? only brings questions as to the possible outcome of an appeal and the direct questions the Constitution seems to answer.

It does appear that RCP is going in the tank for Obama too?? and questioning his citizenship in the courts is out of bounds, off limits, or not going to be exposed on their site.

Censorship? it is their site, but a fair and free expression of ideas should be allowed. NO lies are told in my post and nothing off limits or not documented is discussed. Yes, it is OPINION and that is what RCP is supposed to be about.