Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Qualified?: Big Trouble For Obama

Barack Obama is hiding something and now there can be no doubt. Obama today resorted to stalling tactics without providing documentation that could make the lawsuit concerning his eligibility simply go away. The media is again derelict in their duties and still refuse to properly vet Obama in the same way the demanded to properly vet Palin.  There is now very little doubt that the shameless pawns in the media are accomplices in constitutional violations.  One has to ask why the media believes everything Obama says without question yet when constitutional questions arise they remain silent.

Obama and the DNC attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed on technicalities.  Claiming Philip Berg has no standing to file a lawsuit concerning eligibility instead of simply providing the official documentation.  Today Obama and the DNC resorted to another stalling tactic.  They want to delay discovery.  If Obama has the proof requested why not just provide it.  Believe it or not it is the responsibility of the candidate to provide proof that the candidate is eligible.  What is Obama waiting for?  A Constitutional crisis?  What is Obama Hiding?  Why not provide the proof?  Delivery a suspect document through a lying attack website like fight the smears or daily kos does not cut it.  We want proof positive.  We do not want some mysteriously leaked document that could have been forged and photoshoped.  Obama vacationed in Hawaii back in August.  Why did he not receive the long version of his birth certificate then?  Could it be that it does not exist?  Could it be that Obama was born outside the US?  Could it be that Obama is not a natural born citizen? 

We need to know who Obama really is.  It appears Obama is not wo he claims to be.  Why else hide the required documention?  Why else attempt stalling tactics designed to run out the clock?  Obama is trying a end around the constitution.  He will do everything in his power to get the constitution changed if he gets elected.  We would have a serious problem if Obama gets elected and is later found to be ineligible.  It would be nearly impossible to remove him from office even if he is found to be ineligible.  How could we remove Obama and avoid riots in the streets?  This needs to be resolved and Berg is pushing the right buttons.  I would ordinarily take Obama at his word in this.  But by using stall tactics and attempting to avoid the issue is a sign Obama is guilty.  Innocent people do not hide behind technicalities.


Shadowbrook Smith said...

There is a copy of Obama's birth certificate on his website. Has anyone questioned its authenticity.

If Obama was not born in the US shame on McCain/Palin for not pushing this earlier. Are the complicit in this whitewash as well?

The Lizard said...

Yes many people have questioned the authenticity. Many believe the copy on Obama's website and also shown on the daily Kos has been photo shopped. That is why there is a lawsuit questioning Obama's constitutional eligibility. Why won't Obama come clean and display a notarized copy of the long birth certificate? It would be far easier just to say here are the documents but Obama would rather drag out the lawsuit. My thought is McCan/Palin has not weighed in yet because they do not want to give another democrat a chance to mount a campaign.

Anonymous said...

What about Sarah Palin's association with the American Independence Party? The group's stated goal is to secede from the United States -- a treasonous offense. Todd Palin was a member of this party, and Sarah Palin attended at least two of their conventions and -- whoops! -- spoke to their convention as recently as this past Summer. The founder of the party, the late Joe Voegler, once condemned the American flag. Where are the questions about whether Palin loves the American flag?

What about Sarah Palin's association with the witch doctor, Pastor Muthee, who blessed Palin at her church and prayed for her "finances"? Does Sarah Palin believe in witches? Does Sarah Palin support witch hunts? Does she know who Cotton Mather was?

What about Sarah Palin's association with indicted Senator Ted "Tubes" Stevens, whose 527 organization was run by Sarah Palin?

Then there's Senator McCain.

What about Senator McCain's association with convicted Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy? This is the guy who, on the public airwaves, instructed his viewers about how to kill a federal agent. This is the guy who boasted that he fired a handgun at a cardboard standee of Senator Hillary Clinton. Yet Senator McCain has appeared on Liddy's radio show numerous times since these statements -- as recently as May, 2008.

What about Senator McCain's relationship with pastor Rod Parsley, who wants to engage in religious warfare?

What about Senator McCain's relationship with anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic pastor John Hagee?

Should I go on?

What about Senator McCain's relationship with his chief campaign advisor Charlie Black who said a terrorist attack would help the campaign?

What about Senator McCain's association with Shelley Shannon who is accused of shooting and wounding an abortion doctor?

What about Senator McCain's association with Charles Keating? What about his association with Freddie Mac lobbyist Rick Davis -- you know, John McCain's campaign manager? What about his association with the U.S. Council for World Freedom, whose board also included a Nazi sympathizer?

The Lizard said...

Please your facts are incorrect. Palin is not associated with AIP that is her husband. The pastor's you speak of support McCain Palin there is no other connection. It is not like they sat in the pews for twenty years. And please don't go down the road of Freddie and Fannie, Obama has received more donations from those types than anyone other than Chris Dodd. Obama is a sleaze that will ruin America. America will have the likes of you to thank. All one has to do is read and not believe everything Obama says at face value.

Anonymous said...

You can order a copy of Obama's birth certificate (certified if you like) directly from Hawaii on the web.
This is patently silly.
The economy is in the trash can. The Republican deficits for the last 8 years alone will be $6 Trillion, we have a crisis in health care and are in desperate straits in Afghanistan according to our commander there. But the Republicans want to talk about documents that have been made available and whose authenticity can be checked in a matter of minutes.
Put your country above your party and start dealing with the issues.

Anonymous said...

Boy, you are special.
Palin is associated with AIP. She has attended its conventions and just in the past year send them a message saying "Keep up the good work."
For a certified copy of Obama's birth certificate go to:

VforHill said...

Actually, anonymous, only family members or the person in question can order a birth certificate from Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Not quite correct. The State of hawaii will provide certified verification that the named person was born in the state at the named date. it vbwill cost you $5

jay from cali said...

i love half-baked conspiracy theories. i can't believe rcp put this up on the front page. thoroughly entertaining. keep up the shoddy work!

The Lizard said...

Please tell me what Obama is hiding? You Obama supporters all say I can get a certified copy of his birth certificate. That is incorrect. I believe I can verify date of birth via your suggested means but I can not get a birth certificate.

Please explain why Obama does not come up with the goods in the Berg suit. If it were so easy to get a copy of the birth certificate or definitive proof why did not the judge in the Berg suit dismiss the case?

Please Obama supporters don't talk to me about the economy being in the tank. Where has Obama been? What has he done? How come he did not lead the way in reforming Freddie and Fannie? It was McCain the was for a bill to rein in those corrupt companies back in 2005. Obama was too busy raking in more than anyone but Dodd from those same companies. So please Obama supporters tell me what it is that makes you blindly follow another follower?

The Lizard said...

Shoddy? This is a case where Obama refuses to answer a lawsuit. He fought to dismiss and was denied. Now he is busy trying to delay it. SO these are facts. Where's the conspiracy? Obama supporters are nothing more than weak kneed followers that believe anything their "messiah" says. Obama's actions concerning this lawsuit are not those of someone with nothing to hide. These actions are from someone who has everything to hide.

HeyJude said...

Keep up the good work Lizard. The 'true believers' are out in full force these days and they are challenging any of us who dare to speak up about 'The One.'

Sad that it comes down to citizens to do the job of what used to be the Fourth Estate. For whatever reason they are intimidated into not doing their jobs, we will continue to pick up where they have become derelict.

Anonymous said...

To the idiot who posted this link:http://hawaii.gov/health/vital-records/vital-records/vital_records.html You cannot obtain a copy of Obama's Birth Certificate that would be a violation of both his privacy and the law. The point remains, if the lawsuit is only to validate the legitamancy of Barack Obama's candidacy then why doesn't he just provide the evidence.

oregon4obama said...

Ayers, Obama's Birthplace, Rezko, his experimentation with drugs in high school, These tactics have been tried before....who was it....it was HILLARY...history has already shown how that worked out...

If mccain wants to win he needs to focus on the issues.....Obamas Birth cirtificate is online, rezko was indicted for his own faults, and ayers engaged in criminal activities 40 years ago.....

Its like the keating 5 thing....people dont care about that either because McCain was aqquited of all charges so its a distraction from the issues, even from the obama campaign....but its the economy and the issues, stupid

Anonymous said...


The birth certificate you cling to has been exposed as a possible forgery. The main question still remains: Why won't Obama just release his birth certificate? It would be that easy. Instead he attempts to have the case dismissed, which failed. Then he attempts delaying tactics on discovery.

Ayers did commit these acts 40 years ago. But he never denounced them, never apologized. Are you saying that if someone murders anyone close to you that all should be forgotten in 40 years? Obama is in bed with Rezco. Not all of Rezco actions were done in a vacuum. Look at Chicago Sun Times. They are reporting that Rezco is singing and quite possibly is ratting out connections with mob bosses and Obama.

Look at the financial mess. Obama is knee deep in it. He was to busy taking in contributions and providing homes to people that could not afford them to worry about the current mess. Obama it is reported today has been vague in his approach to solving this mess. Is this what you call leadership? I have to say you need to read more because your ignorance is showing.

KnTN said...

It's the economy, stupid? No, those that love to throw out that quote are the ones that are stupid.

Fact, Bush along with Congress created the mess we are in, not to mention all the greedheads overextending themselves on homes and loans. Obama being elected wont change that recipe for disaster at all, because as far as he's is concerned, it's all the GOP's fault. So don't expect any improvement.

He has no history whatsoever of solving anything, simplifying anything, fixing anything. Instead, he has a history of extreme liberalism, America-hating friends, and socialist ideals. And speechifying.

Everyone sems to think that Bush is as bad as it can get. THAT is what's really stupid. Bad will be Obama socialism and Obama allowing no dissent from the masses... ya know, just as he is doing now.

marie said...

Regarding the Birth Certificate of Barry O, in the lawsuit posted at the link below, it states:

The image (birth certificate) placed on theses websites is of a Hawaiian document which is provided for children's births in Hawaii as *natural born*, as well as births abroad, which have been registered in Hawaii, whether the citizenship status was *natural born* or *naturalized*.

check out this link:

God help America IF Barry O & the DNC get away with this.