Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powell Is Independent Not a Republican

I have a deep respect for Colin Powell. Powell is a true American hero that came from the streets to be Secretary of State. Powell was a 4 star General that prosecuted the first gulf war. Powell came out and said he is a republican. I really have to disagree with him on this point. Powell is a moderate Independent.

Today Powell said Obama was a transformational leader. This may be true the question is not whether or not change is coming to America that is obvious. The real question is what exactly is that transformation going to do for our country. I believe both candidates have change in mind for the country. McCain will transform the way Washington does business. A McCain presidency will be all about middle America. Obama on the other hand will be all about silencing dissent and turning towards Socialism. Both are transformational but which way will do America right.

There is no Republican that should ever vote for Obama. A vote for Obama is a vote for the most liberal agenda America has ever seen. I have read that an Obama presidency will take us back to depression era increases in government. I really beg to differ with that analysis. Obama will enact even larger increases in government than the 1930's would have ever dreamed. This is the great shame of our country that is represented by Obama. A true Republican would never even consider a vote for the largest increase in government takeover.

So while I will always respect Colin Powell he should stop saying he is a Republican. Powell said he could not support another candidate that would move the Supreme Court to the right. Does that sound Republican to anyone? This endorsement is not pay back as some would suggest. This is just another independent that has decided to hang his hat with the most socialist candidate America has seen placed forwward by a major political party.

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