Monday, October 20, 2008

Powell, A Convenient Uncle Tom

Colin Powell, known as Uncle Tom when he served as Secretary of State during the first G.W. Bush administration, Sunday endorsed someone for President. You may ask yourself: is this the same Colin Powell who sat in front of the UN Security Council and assured us that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction just before the US invaded Iraq? Why yes it is. And you may ask yourself: is this the same Colin Powell who was denounced by liberal intellectuals such as Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover as an Uncle Tom? Why yes it is. And you may ask yourself: why is the media and the liberal establishment suddenly embracing this man they so happily vilified only a few short years ago?

Well the answer is this: Powell, aka Uncle Tom, endorsed Barack Obama for President. It all makes sense now doesn't it? The media and many liberals are now touting Powell's endorsement as lending credibility to Obama. This is the same man Belafonte called a "house slave" when he was in Bush's cabinet. Now all seems forgiven, all Powell had to do was climb aboard the Obama bandwagon. I wonder if that would have worked for Nixon too?

How quickly people forget, and that is why Powell's endorsement of Obama means so little, even though the media would like to paint it as a major blow for the McCain campaign. There is a large segment of the population who if asked, would have a difficult time naming the current Vice President of the United States. There are even more who would be unable to name the current Secretary of State, much less anyone who held that position in the past. The truth is an endorsement from Scarlett Johannsen, Terrell Owens or Jessica Alba carries more weight these days than any endorsement Powell has to give.

Colin Powell served as an officer in the US Army for over thirty years, he did two tours of duty in Vietnam. Powell retired as a four star General, and was the first African American selected as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As JCS Chairman he played a major role in developing US military startegy during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Hardly accomplishments that would endear him to most Obama supporters.

This honorable man, who was once subjected to some of most vile racist slurs from fellow Blacks because he chose to serve his country in George Bush's administration, should have thought twice before making any public endorsement. He should not allow himself or his good name to be used by the same loathsome liberals who so terribly slandered him only a few years ago.


Anonymous said...

You're right! Nobody should make public endorsements of candidates they believe in.

What sort of communist BS is this?! If someone wants to endorse a candidate it's their civil right to do so, you reds always want to tell people what to do. "He should not", "Uncle Tom", "House Slave" - we can see what you're getting at.

I'm afraid black people don't have to do what you say any more. Re-read your piece and change the protagonist to a white guy - this would be the most non-sensical thing ever written.

Your latent racism makes it apparent why you write such vile hate-fuelled filth. America has been repressed by people like you for too long, it's time to show the world we understand the equality of mankind, and that people like yourself are a small minority and a historical anomaly.

Say what you will, good people aren't listening to repressive racists any more.

Lizard in Exile said...

Are you referring to "good people" like Glover and Belafonte? They weren't trying to oppress Powell when they called him those names? Powell achieved equality, yet many of his own race refused to acknowledge that fact because he served on a white President's cabinet, same with Condi Rice. So don't start throwing the "R" word around, it's not the exclusive property of white people.
Clean up your own house before you start looking for dirt in mine.

Panther Power said...

Obama is our saviour. He will make the poor wealthy and the wealthy poor. He will usher in the first generation of black supremacy. Those who don't vote for Obama will be exposed as biggots and will have to suffer the consequences in the new order