Sunday, October 26, 2008

Palin Still A Brilliant Choice

John McCain chose an outsider for Vice President and the move was absolutely brilliant. Now the Pathetic Pawns (MSM) are spinning the Palin choice as a drag on his campaign. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Pathetic Pawns were caught off guard with the pick and set out on a search and destroy mission. There is no doubt what the game plan was for the propaganda wing (MSM) of the democratic party. They had their talking points ready against whomever McCain chose. They were going to attack Romney and bring in all of the negatives Romney said about McCain during the primary. They were ready for Pawlenty, Huckabee, and Ridge. The game plan was to build up Obama after his "Greek Column" speech. They were going negative on whomever the status quo candidate McCain chose. McCain did not choose the status quo and chose an outsider.

Sarah Palin energized the base of the Republican party. Palin is one reason why Obama has been unable to close the deal. This was supposed to be a Democratic year and it appears as if it will in the Congressional elections, yet Obama is still underperforming. Right now Obama is up 7-8 points and that will in all likelihood close before election day. This is not over by a long shot. The polling companies are still over polling Democrats and under polling Republicans and Independents. Internal polling must be showing a far different race than externals. McCain is still going for Iowa and Pennsylvania. All McCain has to do is keep the Red states minus New Mexico and Iowa and he wins. If he was behind in the other Red States as external Polls suggest why would he be dumping resources into PA and Iowa? He requires neither for the Presidency.

Palin was brilliant. There is no other candidate for Vice President that could have allowed this election to be close. Any other candidate would have made it easier for Obama to claim McCain is another Bush. While this talking point keeps the Democrats it is not selling so easy with the independents. Palin is the candidate that provided McCain with an opportunity. The Pathetic Pawns are upset because they were unable to destroy the Republican Party. America is within 9 days of an election. The race is still to close to call although Obama has the edge. Without Palin this race would have been over by the middle of September. Don't let the pathetic pawns spin this away. They were ready to pounce on any status quo candidate. The Palin pick took away the advantage the Pathetic Pawns believed they had and it is showing in the polls.


Juan Laff said...

She got rid of McCain's stooges and she is better than ever. It's another show of her strength and political instincts. Those losers got punked by someone they treated like property, and they deserve to cry.

Anonymous said...

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goodreason said...

I agree. Palin remains a brilliant pick. The media have done their best to make anyone who admires her feel like a nincompoop, and they have done an admittedly good job. Most of my "educated" friends are scared to say they like Palin, for fear of looking stupid. But my family is made of sterner stuff--we don't care what the media say; we look at what Sarah Palin has said and has done. And we remain very impressed. Every time the media bash her, we love her the more. Why? Because we know they would say the very same things about us. So, Sarah, you go, girl! We can't wait to vote for you on November 4th!
Red State Gal

Anonymous said...

What will you bitter, brain dead right wingers do when Obama gets elected? Crawl back into your holes I guess.

The Lizard said...


Such wonderful analysis. I wonder who is brain dead? The blind follower that resorts to name calling instead of open dialog or the one the analyzes situations? You lose.

Bob Vanderet said...

I'm not a name caller, but I do think you are fooling yourself if you really believe Sarah Palin has helped McCain's chances. She did indeed energize the base, and initially appealed to independents. But it is simply beyond question that that appeal has waned as the public got to know her better; she just appears unengaged with world affairs and issues, and consequently, McCain's support among independents has plummeted, and the reason is demonstrably Governor Palin. I know this is hard to accept if you like her, but it's a fact. And you can be sure that the McCain wing of the party will indeed try to pin the blame on her for his loss on November 4, even though it was McCain's own impulsiveness that led to his downfall.

The Lizard said...


Where do you think McCain would be with any other VP choice? I would venture a guess twice as much as now. Palin as a choice has kept this close. She is drawing as big of crowds as Obama. Palin is who kept the party together. No matter what happens on election day the Republican party will live to fight another day. The DEMs will now have to lead no matter who wins and they will be unable to run against Bush ever again. No in my opinion Palin saved the day. There will be no crushing defeat and the reason is Palin.

Bob Vanderet said...

Hard to know for certain if what you say is correct. McCain had cut Obama's lead to a dead heat just before the Palin nomination. But as you say, difficult to figure out who could have helped him. Perhaps Romney, who might have brought in Michigan, but lost many evangelicals. I'm confident about two things, though: It will be a big Obama victory. And, McCain partisans will try to blame Palin, although the GOP infighting on this will be bloddy. Fascinating to watch, though!