Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama's Radical Allies Run Long and Deep

The left meme as of late has been that Obama will work across the Aisle and heal a divided AMerica. Just today on ABC the panel discussed how Obama was going to be like Ronald Reagan and work from the center. There are a couple of problems with this theory. Here is what the propaganda wing (MSM) of the Obama campaign refuse to tell America.

First and foremost is the fact that we had a divided government when Reagan took office. Congress was controlled by the Democrats and this necessitated working across the aisle. Reagan was a master at this because he would vet his pet projects through the American people ensuring the passage of these projects. Reagan did not have the conservative leadership ruling the congress filling every bill with a conservative agenda. He had to work and compromise in an effort to rule the country from the middle. There is no doubt that Reagan succeeded in uniting a divided country in 1980. America was still licking its wounds after the Vietnam debacle. Our economy was a mess and America was tired of 4 years of government that had unchecked power in Washington. Between 1976 and 1980 we had a liberal court, a liberal congress, and a liberal president. This was a miserable failure and Reagan brought the checks and balances into play. Obama will be more similar to Jimmy Carter. Obama will have a friendly congress and if just one conservative or moderate Court member retires we will have a liberal court yet again. (This court is a moderate court with many cases being resolved 5-4 one way or the other.) Obama will not be another Reagan no matter how much the liberals would like to portray Obama as the lefts answer to Reagan. The Reid, Obama, Pelosi wing will take over the government and be left unchecked.

Second Obama allies do not come from a center position. William Ayers is an unrepentant terrorist. Now Obama would like us to believe that Ayers was "just a guy in the neighborhood" but the truth is that Obama not only sat on two boards with Ayers but they shared office space. Not only did Obama share office space with an unrepentant terrorist but also with a radical communist. The radical maoist is named Mike Klonsky. Obama has been funneling tax payer dollars in to the likes of Ayers, Klonsky, and ACORN. These are all radical allies that Obama has been in bed with. These are not merely associations as Obama would like us to believe but rather his allies. How does Obama move from coddling domestic terrorists, fraudulent non profit organizations that are really front group for the democratic party, communist, socialists, racists, and other groups that are not just left of center but left on 95% of America to ruling across the Aisle? It will be impossible.

Obama is not the liberal answer to Ronald Reagan. Obama will set race and gender relations back a century in this country. One might ask how? The answer is simple. Obama will allow a liberal court legislate from the bench, Obama will allow Pelosi and Reid to hi jack the agenda and turn away from bi-partisanship, and Obama will allow his radical allies to shape his agenda. When all of this happens Obama will be exposed for the weak radical candidate that he is and America will again look down upon minority candidates as being unable to lead. Obama will lose control and the country will move markedly towards socialism. America will come to her senses and throw the socialists out at some later date but the people that will be hurt are the minorities.

Let there be no doubt that Obama's true allies are from the extreme far left. None of his allies are main stream. There is no way the meme that Obama will lead from the center and be the liberal second coming of Reagan. The facts surrounding this election are not the facts that brought Reagan into office. I know the press has already announced Obama as the winner. They wish now to build him up now into being something Obama is not. Obama is not a uniter he is a divider that will ruin any progress we have made in race relations. There are stil

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