Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama: Truth About Tax Cuts

There seems to be discrepancies in Obama's tax fairness plan. Obama stuck a populist chrod by saying he was going to tax the rich and give to the poor. This tax plan originally suggested rich was $250,000. Under this original plan Obama pushed the idea that 90% of Americans would receive a tax cut. Then Obama let the mask down a little and revised his idea of Rich. During his campaign victory infomercial Obama said rich was $200,000. Then his running mate suggested rich was $150,000. Now just today Governor Bill Richardson said Obama was looking at those making $120,000. This is in stark contrast to the original tax cut lies Obama once told. The reality is that if you pay taxes your taxes will increase. If you do not pay any income taxes you will get a tax giveaway.

According to Obama the 95% of the people should have said 90%. This lie is perpetuated by Obama supporters even though the reality is that 40% of income earners do not pay any income taxes. The reality is that no one that actually pays income taxes will see a tax decrease. All of us tax payers will pay more in taxes. The ones that do not pay taxes will reap all the benefits of Obama's redistribution of wealth. Obama even said this tax giveaway plan was to get the poor and the "lower middle class" into the middle class. This really means that the rich. middle, and poor will become a single class. This means that there will only be two classes of people just like any other marxist system. There will be a working class and a ruling/government class. This is the failed marxist philosophy Obama believes in and the change Obama represents.

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

The only truth about taxes that Obama can give is that he will raise them, sooner than later, on every possible wage-earner or pension-receiver.

And with the annual $250K being dropped to $200K and then $150K, then $125K Obama, Biden and other Dems speaking as the O surrogates, it's pretty easy to see that by election day, he'll be down in the $50K range.