Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama Transparency A Joke

So this is what transparency looks like. Obama and the Democrats have pounded the mantra that Bush was secretive during his 8 years as President. Obama and the Democrats have promised transparency with Pelosi going as far as saying "this will be the most ethical Congress in History". I believe it is time to take a more in depth look at what Obama offers as transparency.

Here is a video of an interview of Joe Biden by Barbara West of WFTV:

Barbara West had the courage to ask the Marxist question when no other reporter had the nerve. Now Obama throws a temper tantrum and canceled all further interviews with the local affiliate in Florida. When asked the tough questions Obama closes the door which is a lack of transparency rather than promoting open honest dialog.

In April 2008, there was a democratic debate on ABC with George Stephanopoulos. George asked some tough questions regarding Obama and his allies. Obama threw a fit and refused to do any more primary debates. Obama claimed he would debate John McCain "anyplace anytime" but when McCain called Obama on his challenge Obama backed down and refused to do any debates with McCain other than the three network debates this fall. I am sure that running away from open and honest debates is not transparency. Obama threw a hissy fit just because he was asked tough questions. Prior to the third and final debate this fall Obama pushed his talking points to the press before the debate. This is really transparent. Push the talking points before there are talking points.

Obama refuses to release pertinent records. There is a lawsuit concerning Obama's eligibility under the constitution. Yet Obama refuses to present a vault copy of his birth certificate. Obama has a past history of going to colleges yet refuses to release any of these documents. Obama wrote a thesis and yet refuses to release the thesis. This is not transparency. This is a cover up disguised as being personal. Obama is a public official that is shrouded in mystery. Obama hides behind the pathetic pawns in the media. He has demonstrated that he will be even more secretive than the Bush administration.

Obama is under investigation by the FEC for Campaign finance fraud. Obama rather than show his records for those that have donated less than $200 hides the list. This list is known to show that people used fake names to provide donations. It is apparent that Obama has donors that have gave more than legally authorized. There is evidence that Obama accepted donations from foreign sources. But rather than be transparent Obama has decided to hide these records.

Transparency in an Obama administration will never happen. Only glowing reports on the administration will be allowed. Everyone else will be cut out from the process. People will be able to see through Obama like they can see through a wall. One will require X-Ray vision to see through Obama. Transparency is a buzz word of the campaign but it is not Obama who is transparent.


Bob Vanderet said...

There's a line between hard questioning and just being insulting. If a reporter had asked Sarah Palin if John McCain was really a Nazi, you can bet she wouldn't be getting access in the future. The McCain team has embargoed journalists for far lesser sins.

The Lizard said...


Your comparison is ridiculous. Obama did say "spread the wealth" which is a basic tenet of socialism. McCain has done or said nothing to suggest he is a NAZI. You like your candidate are a joke.

Ace Tomato said...

Obama promised to post online any new legislation submitted to him to sign as President five days before he would sign into law, so the people could see what it was about.
Five whole days!!

I guess he never heard of THOMAS, the government website set up by the Clinton administration that has legislation posted online as it is proposed, through all changes, modifications, debates and ever stage before it is finalized and submitted for vote.

So Obama's idea of transparency is to eliminate public access to the legislation process and shut it down to a window of five days. Whoopee.

Well, that or he is completely unaware legislation is already available for public scrutiny. Must stink to be a Senator and not have realized all this time the public is watching you!