Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama: Socialist With A Big S

There should be no doubt in voters mind that Obama is a Socialist but if there is any lingering doubt about the Socialist values Obama holds near and dear his heart watch this video:

Obama speaking of using price controls in order to influence our spending habits. Obama said earlier this year that he supported raising the regressive gasoline tax in order for Americans to "change their habits". Obama did say the energy prices should be high enough that average middle class Americans could not afford to keep their house at room temperature. Obama did say he wanted to spread the wealth around. Obama did say it was selfish not to want to pay higher taxes and his running mate said it was patriotic to be forced to pay higher taxes.

Now Obama says in this video that higher prices would be necessary to change our way of life. We as Americans would need to feel some pain before technology could be developed. Living in a cold dark house is fine with Obama as long as it is not him. Obama would continue living in a warm mansion while the rest of us feel some pain. There should be no doubt after watching this video that Obama is a Socialist with a big s. It is more than his policies being similar. It is his whole philosophy. Obama is not for the middle class. He is for himself. He wants to destroy the middle class. In the end Obama desires two classes. The working class poor and the ruling elite.

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