Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama: Rubber Stamp

Democrats have run a campaign against Republicans that blame House and Senate Republicans for being a rubber stamp of President Bush policies. I disagree with this based on the fact that the entire eight years that Bush was in office there was either a evenly split Senate, a Democratic Senate, a fairly even House, or a fairly evenly divided House. So the democrats bear some of the blame. But that is not the issue I am writing about. The issue is what would a President Obama be? Would he stand up against his party or would he be just another rubber stamp on the socialist agenda?

There is no doubt Obama desires to institute Socialism. He said as much himself when he told "Joe the Plumber" he doesn't wish to punish success but rather spread the wealth around. This is a basic tenet of Socialism. Today Barney Frank said he sees nothing wrong with increasing taxes. Charles Rangel proposed increasing the gasoline tax by .50c a gallon. Will Obama rein in spending or allow the largest increase in taxes we have ever seen? There is no doubt Obama will raise taxes on every citizen. Obama and the Democrats will allow the Bush tax cuts to expire. This will in fact raise taxes on all tax paying Americans. Obama backs an increase in the gasoline tax. The gasoline tax is a regressive tax meaning those that can least afford the tax increase are forced to pay the most. Charles Rangel can't even pay his own taxes but yet demands more of Americans hard earned money.

What about the Congress leadership? Will Obama stand up to someone like Jack Murtha and demand his pork barrel spending be curbed? Or will it be quid pro quo? No Obama will not dare stand up against his own party. There will be a Democratic Congress. Some pundits have said the Democrats could have a super majority. Speaker Pelosi claims there will be 250 democratic house members. Do we really believe that Obama will really be in charge?

No, Obama will be nothing more than a rubber stamp of the most liberal and socialist agenda ever known in America. Obama will be but a footnote in history. Obama will become nothing but a figurehead of the Democratic Party. There is no way Obama would dare stand up to his own party. The majority would be too large. In the end Obama will turn out to be nothing more than the second Carter term. The exact same thing happened to Carter. The main difference is that Carter was not as liberal as most of his party. Obama is more liberal than most of his party. When Obama turns out to be a figurehead for the Democratic Party and fails to lead America, will turn against Obama. The factors in this election dictate that at least for two years Obama will be nothing more than a mouth piece for the socialist agenda. America can not afford two years of a failed socialist experiment.


Panther Power said...

Obama is our saviour. He will make the poor wealthy and the wealthy poor. He will usher in the first generation of black supremacy. Those who don't vote for Obama will be exposed as biggots and will have to suffer the consequences in the new order.

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