Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama: Real Interviews Off Limits

The new transparent Obama campaign is banning another television network from further interviews. This time it was not a fox news affiliate but rather a CBS news affiliate out of Philadelphia. Watch the video:

Another tough interview inquiring about Obama's "spreading he wealth around" comment and socialism. In another aspect CBS asked about questionable campaign funds being provided to Biden's relatives. Now Biden provides $1.8 million dollars to Joe Slade White and company. This is a consulting firm where Biden's younger sister is an Executive Vice President. Another $150 thousand in campaign funds went to a law firm where Biden's son is a partner. So Biden provides his family members $2 million dollars of campaign funds and doesn't expect to get asked about it. Then because he is being asked the tough questions he cuts another media source off at the knees. Obama was supposed to be a new kind of candidate. Obama was supposed to have transparency but these are just words because his actions prove something different. This is the second local affiliate boycotted by Obama in less than a week. Obama and Biden refuse to answer basic questions surrounding their campaign. Inquiring about comments they themselves made is off limits. Where they spend their campaigns funds is also off limits no matter the cronyism. Remember ACORN. Obama was visibly upset when asked about providing funds to them to get out the vote for him but he has nothing to do with their fraud. This guy would destroy the American way of life.

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Real interviews have always been off limits.

Remember when Obama abruptly walked out of a press conference when queried about Tony Rezko?

All we're seeing now is the unmistakable evidence of a few things.

One, that Obama, Biden and their campaign flunkies lack real or figurative testicularity.

Two, honesty and forthrightness are four-letter expletives to them.

Three, they really are afraid of the truth.

Four, these cowards do not deserve to even be considered for the two highest offices in America.