Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama: Patriotic?

Barabck Obama claims he is patriotic yet refuses to place his hand over his heart during he playing of the National Anthem. Biden claims it is patriotic to to pay higher taxes yet Obama cancels the playing of the National Anthem during a campaign stop in an effort to have one more speaker speak highly of Obama. Are these the making of someone that is patriotic?

Obama sits at a dinner table with unrepentant terrorist William Ayers and claims to be a patriot. Ayers and his unrepentant terrorist wife made and set bombs that killed their fellow Americans. Ayers that his only regret was that they did not do it enough. This regret is far from the patriot Nathan Hale who said his only regret wwas "that he had but one life to live for his country".

Obama sits in the pews of an anti American pastor. The United Trinity Church spewed hatred and disgust towards their fellow Americans. Obama listened to this hatred and racism for twenty years. Then Obama has the audacity to lie about it sitting in the pews by saying "This is not the Reverend Wright I once knew". Obama also categorically denied these statements were true until video proof of his pastors comments were made public. Is it patriotic to sit in the pews and listen to a Pastor spreading hate and discontent towards fellow Americans?

So Biden says it is patriotic to pay higher taxes. Yet Biden gives less that 1% of his income to charity to help his fellow Americans. Biden say it is patriotic to pay higher taxes yet allows his friend and colleague Charles Rangel to not pay any taxes. Is this the patriotism Obama is known for?

Obama says he would refuse to wear an American flag pin on his lapel. He says it would demean the meaning of thise that sacrificed making our country free. Yet when that stance became politically incorrect he wore on proudly. Obama only wears this pin when it is politically convenient. Is this his patriotism?

Obama has said he would surrender all of our gains in Iraq and the middle east. His policies will destroy the American image as a strong defender of democratic principles in an effort to appease the likes of Iran and Venezuela. Obama has said he would stop funding future combat systems for our military. This would be offset in his plans for building a community organization (ACORN) guilty of crimes against America. Obama has said he wishes to increase domestic spending by instituting a civilian corps. This corps is supposed to be as strong as our military. I must wonder if the intent is to shut down anyone that would dare dissent against Obama? After all Obama and his supporters have shut down as much dissent as possible. They have colluded and shut down Anti Obama blogs. They colluded and smeared Palin with Lies. They smeared Philip Berg because of a lawsuit questioning Obama's citizenship. They smeared Joe the Plumber because Joe had the audacity to question Obama on taxes. I find this smear almost hilarious. It is hilarious because the the Obama campaign and suppoters are saying "Joe is not his real first name", "Joe is not a registered or licensed plumber", "Joe has a lien for back taxes". None of these things really matter because the outrage is not at Joe for the question he asked but at Obama for the way he answered it. Obama said he did not want to punish Joe's success but rather spread the wealth around. This is a socialist mindset. Now that we are believing Obama is a socialist the Pathetic Pawns (MSM) are trying to say calling Obama a Socialist is racist. Is this the patriotism Obama believes in?

We as a country will lose many of our freedoms under Obama. We will have the truth police silencing dissent all over this country. We will appease the terrorists because well it is easier that way. It will become un-American to wave a flag or show support for our military. It will become Un-American to have civil dissent. In short Obama will represent a government that will greatly curtail our individual freedoms. Obama will silence dissent and curtail our freedoms; Obama in short will become a dictator. This is not patriotism.


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Obama is not president and is already a dictator. Having the MSM in your back pocket, there is no venue for the public to be informed of what is going on. Obama lies and the MSM backs it all up. He has gotten away with it for the last year and will continue to do so if he gets in office. Except then it will be the Senate and House of Reps rubber stamping all that Obama says and does. When the GOP did it to George Bush it was a disaster. The DNC doing to for Obama will be a disaster of even greater magnitude. Truth squads during an election is an abomination. Mr. Obama copies Castro, Stalin, Hitler, great people don't you think? The man is dangerous at all levels. Too bad so many citizens are asleep at the wheel and staring at his color, wanting the first person of "color" to be president. They are looking at the wrong thing.