Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obama: No Preconditions, Iran Sets Preconditions

Obama out of naivety said he would not set preconditions before talking to Iran. Now Iran sensing weakness from Obama has set preconditions for talking to the United States. One must wonder if Obama will meet these demands from Iran or stand up to them. My guess is that Obama will appease the Iranians and submit, after all he supported his cousin Odinga at our expense even after Odinga signed a Memorandum Of Agreement with radical fundamentalist Islamists (read terrorists).

The preconditions established by Iran are that the US must remove all troops from the Middle East and we must withdraw our support of Israel. Will Obama roll over and pull all of our troops out? Will he turn the Middle East over to the radicals? Will he surrender? Will Obama really abandon our ally? Will he sell out for his conditionless talks? This is what an Obama Presidency would be like. We as Americans would be thrown under the bus just so Obama could talk to the radicals and terrorists of the world.

Obama would be a disaster in foreign policy. Iran sees Obama's weakness and is already making demands and setting preconditions. We need peace through strength. Obama offers unconditional surrender. Obama should scare everyone. His ties to radicals is long and deep. His appeasement philosophy will destroy America. His vague and unresponsive attitude towards the financial crisis shows Obama just does not have the backbone to lead.

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