Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama: A Nation Divided

Recent dialog on the campaign trail shows the Obama campaign is intentionally dividing our great nation. It all started in the winter of 2008 when Obama first used the race card against Hillary and Bill Clinton. Obama again made division politics a staple in his campaign when he said small town Americans are bitter and cling to guns and religion. Then in late May, Obama again played the race card when he said the Republicans would play race politics and attack him for not looking like other Presidents. Again in JUL Obama brought race into the campaign by saying Republicans would play race by striking fear into the voter because Obama did not look like the presidents on the dollar bill. This divisive commentary was not only started by the Obama campaign, it is the only campaign that brings race and divisive campaign tactics into this election cycle.

Obama has made all of these divisive tactics the centerpiece of his campaign. Every time Obama slips in the polls he or one of his surrogates brings race to the forefront. In SEP when Palin energized the conservative base the Pathetic Pawns (MSM) attacked Palin and then Yahoo conducted a poll and stated emphatically that Obama slipped in the polls because of racist democrats. Last week many in the MSM started again stoking the racism fire. Evan Thomas of Newsweek says it would be a disgrace if Obama loses. David Gergen said the only way Obama loses now is if racism plays an important role. John Lewis came out and compared McCain to the segragationalist George Wallace and said John McCian is "sowing the seeds of Hatred". Joe Biden has the audacity to say connecting Obama to his ally's like William Ayers is divisive. Obama never really repudiated any of these claims by his surrogates. On the other hand John McCain has stepped up and called for end to the divisive campaign tactics.

Obama supporters are rabid dogs. Look through the below photos and tell me that the left is not the angry divisive bunch in this campaign. The Pathetic Pawns have stoked the divisive politics ever since the 2000 election. Now they have pumped up the "chosen One" and Obama is underperforming not quite be able to close the deal. The pathetic pawns are now complicit in the divisive politics. From my perspective Obama, the pathetic pawns, and the democrats are intent on dividing our country along racial, gender, and political party lines. They have zero intent on bringing our nation together.

John McCain has continuously spoke of uniting our country. He has a track record of reforming that what is wrong in Washington. It was McCain that sponsored campaign finance reform, it was McCain that compromised with Ted Kennedy on illegal immigration, and it was McCain that brought the house Republicans on board with an unpopular financial industry bailout. Where was Obama? Obama is said to be vague and unresponsive in the financial crisis. Obama had to answer three times during the Georgian/Russian conflict just to come out sounding like John McCain on his first attempt. During the first debate it surely sounded like Obama agreed with John McCains proposals rather than promote any ideas of his own. John McCain is campaigning on the issues. One of the main issues is Obama's character and judgment. That is not racisnm that is the truth.

John McCain is attacking Obama for allying with Williams Ayers, Tony Rezco, Jeremiah Wright, Raida Odinga, and ACORN among others. These are all radical influences that Obama has. All of these figures are divisive. How in the world can Obama claim to be a uniter when everyone he "Pals" around convicted felons, felonious organizations, unrepentant terrorists, and radical communists. These are legitimate lines of attacks. These ally's and relationships provide insight to the sorts of people Obama will be taking advice from in any of his administrations. Couldn't one imagine a William Ayers as Secretary of Education? Yeah that is what we need a radical terrorist in charge of teaching our future. How about Jodie Evans as Secretary of Defense? That what we really need, a left wing nutcase that attempted to disrupt the Republican convention through illegal means. How about Cecile Richards as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Richards like Obama share a common thread, both find infanticide acceptable as long as the is the wishes of the mother. How about providing money to ACORN for more "community organizing". This is the organization Obama has said will reap more money to develop their illegal activities. Yes these are legitimate lines of attacks on Obama. These are the people, groups, and organizations Obama "pals" around with. Does any really believe Obama will change if elected? Obama is the leader of divisive politics and the pathetic pawns are willing accomplices. Remember John McCain is the only candidate that has a proven track record of reform and working to unite our country. Obama has shown to be a divisive candidate.

These are pictures displaying just how radical and divisive Obama supporters are, then Obama and his surrogates have the audacity to say McCain is dangerous. Pleeeeease.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin needs to go home and take care of her kids and McCain needs to retire.

Obama and Biden will save this crumbling mess that the Bush Admin made.