Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama: Guilt By Association?

Obama has many radical allies that he believes should be off limits. Obama says these radical allies are mere attempts at "guilt by association". Obama speaks the same about all of his radical buddies. Last May when the Obama association with Rashid Khalidi was reported on by the LA Times, Obama said this is one guy. Obama went on to say this was not and advisor and was not on his staff. Additionally, Obama said this was isolated that people were comparing one associate that was radical but what about the other nine. So what about the other nine? Tony Rezco was poor judgment. Reverend Wright is not he guy Obama knew for the last twenty years. William Ayers a guy from the neighborhood and Ayers like Khalidi is not an advisor and is not on Obama's staff. Reverend Pfleger is some guy that speaks at Obama's church occasionally. Nadmi Auchi is some guy that Obama was introduced to by Rezco. Saul Alinsky is just some guy that wrote rules for radicals. ACORN is just some Organization that Obama once did some legal work for as an associate at a law firm. Kwame Kilpatrick is just an ex mayor from a neighboring state. Rahm Emanual he is just some guy that covered up the sex scandal of a fellow Congressman from Florida. Rod Blagojevich is just the corrupt Governor from Illinois. Chicago "New Party" is just the socialist or communist party the Obama once belonged.

As an individual this could be an unfortunate circumstance. But taken all together is goes to prove Obama is a radical, corrupt, and socialist politician. There is further proof that these allies are not merely associations. The LA Tmes has a tape that they refuse to release where Obama is attending a dinner at Khalidi's house. Also in attendance at this dinner is Farakhan, Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn, and other Jew bashing radicals. There is the membership in the "New Party". There is the computer analysis that William Ayers penned Obama's book "Dreams from My Father". Obama's other memoir "Audacity of Hope" comes from a sermon by the America hating Reverend Wright. Then there is the spreading the wealth around comment to "Joe the Plumber". Now there is a tape from 2001 where Obama says we have a "flawed Constitution".

These are not isolated incidences. This is a pattern of espousing radical viewpoints and "palling" around with radicals, terrorists, and felons. Taken in context these associations are much more then casual straying from the middle. Taken in context these associations are allies that got Obama into his current position. These radical allies may be in the rear view mirror right now for political purposes but wait until after the election. After the election these radical players will be right back in Obama's back pocket.

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susan h said...

Obama may not plan on doing anything radical and/or terrorist (we can only hope) but perhaps Bill Ayers, Farakhan, Khalidi, and others do. What if Bill Ayers has been waiting his whole life to complete what he started? What if Louis Farakhan wants to stir up blatant anti-semitism in America just like Obama stirred up the racial pot? What if Rashid Khalidi wants to get something started against Israel? They all may feel safe and secure thinking Obama will not stop them. WHO KNOWS? WHO WANTS TO FIND OUT? Obama has too many dangerous people in his life that scare me - any one of which could be a real harm to America. IMO, Obama has never adequately explained away these relationships, and I believe he is more sympathetic to these people that he admits. With all that you have said here, and so much more still questionable about Obama and his plans, WHY WOULD ANYONE VOTE FOR HIM????