Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama Commits Campaign Finance Fraud

Barack Obama shut down the Adress Verification system on his website to collect more in donations. Obama has done this because he understands that he can not compete without cheating. Obama has accepted funds from foreign donors and knows this. Obama has said it fixed the problem but according to Gateway Pundit it still exists as a problem.

This my friends is a fraud being committed against the American people. Obama has been busy collecting fraudulent funds from donors contributing less than $200. The reason he is encouraging these small donations is because he does not have to report them to the FEC. There are reports of a single donor providing Obama campaign funds well in excess of the campaign contributions limits. The reason for this is many small donations of less than $200 from the same contributor. There is already questions regarding over $35 million in illegal contributions.

Obama is also accepting funds from foreigners. This is illegal but the FEC is powerless to sttop it. Sure after the election there may be fines levied against Obama but it will be too late. Obama is change we can live without. Obama is a fraud that is buying the Presidency. One must wonder who is backing Obama that is going to reap the benefits. George Soros? Perhaps, perhaps not, but one thing is certain Obama owes someone and it is not the American people. Electing Obama will reveal the dark secrets behind the flim flam man.


not a dem anymore said...

I have read about people putting in bad info and a good card number and it goes through and it bills their card.


Did you read about $2300 charges showing up on peoples cards in Kansas and Missouri? They had never given to the Obama campaign. Money was returned.

Because you can give bad info with a good number could not people make up a number and it be someones real number?

From what I have read you can put in for a name

NAME: Thisis Notreal
EMPLOYER: Barack Obama
CARD #: xxxx xxx yyyy zzzz(it is someones number)
It does not ask for 3 digit number on back of card and the charge goes through.

So could the $2300 charges on those cards in MO. and Kansas happened this way?

If you need links on the Missouri and Kansas stories I can go back and look for them, I haven't seen one in a week or so.

not a dem anymore said...

2 reports of unauthorized charges to Obama campaign in Missouri

Couple Finds Unauthorized Charge on Credit Card from Obama Campaign

Check Your Credit Cards for Fraudulent Obama Charges

Anonymous said...


The Republican Party gets more and more desperate every day...and this article is the proof.

Better luck in 2012...

The Lizard said...

Nothing desparate here. Obama has committed fraud. Eventually this will all come out.

Anonymous said...

I did in fact just donate (stupid me) $5 to Obama as "Charlotte Bronte" at a made-up address in "North Miami, Illinois, zip code 12345"--the Obama site did not ask for my 3-digit security code and readily accepted my donation. I entered the exact same fake info (but correct credit card number) at the McCain site, which refused my donation. I actually could NOT believe that Obama's site, even after this kind of public scrutiny, was set up to allow and in fact encourage fraud. I saw the reporting on this at National Review and elsewhere but just didn't quite believe it. Money is the bottom line, and this sent an actual chill down my spine. The Obama kleptocracy is in full swing, and it will only get worse once he and Pelosi/Reid have total control. McCain has been hampered by his own integrity and decision to stick by his word and use public financing. Obama reversed his position (um, BO LIED when he bragged about supporting public financing) and has only benefited from it. He's receiving millions in fraudulent donations. This will not be rectified until long after the election if at all.

PLEASE do not test this yourself. I donated $50 to McCain to make up for enriching BO's coffers by even $5. He's outspending McCain 17 to 1 in Colorado and other wing states.

Go, McCain!

anonymous said...

HOT AIR has a very interesting story from a few days back.
“John Galt” donating to Obama this year too, apparently; Update: RNC files new complaint with FEC; Update: Foreign credit cards being accepted too? Update: Ruffini cries fraud

Anonymous said...

Love the clear McCain bias ("My Friends…™") and piss-poor grasp of the English language. Not surprised.


internationalreport said...

Great post. If Obama wins, he'll be owned by so many various contributors(and who knows what kinds of foreign supporters). Even if there were no term limits, he'd never be able to serve long enough to pay back all of the shady special interests.

Anonymous said...

Just a tired useless article..who cares right about now. Its 9 days, counting to a OBAMA win.

sean said...

I have to agree with the last comment.This election process has gone on way to long. I think most Americans are tired of it, don't really care about rhetoric/partisian talking with they own agendas/