Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama Campaign Tactics: Smears, Lies, and Racism

Barack Obama can not win this election on merit; he is forced to wage a campaign of smears, lies and Racism. Additionally, the Obama propaganda wing (MSM) is complicit in this campaign and will say or do anything to get their chosen one elected. "Joe the Plumber" was attacked by the Obama surrogates and the Pathetic Pawns (MSM) because he is not a registered or licensed plumber. The Obama campaign, his surrogates, and the Pathetic Pawns have interjected race in to this campaign at every turn. The Pathetic Pawns smeared Sarah Palin with outright lies and rumors. Obama lied about his ties to William Ayers. Obama lies about cutting taxes on 95% of workers. Obama lies about John McCain's health care plan. Obama lies about his ties to ACORN. The 2008 election will be yet another election where the 4th Estate attempts to steal an election from the people.

In 2000, the Pathetic Pawns interjected themselves into the election process in an attempt to steal the election for Al Gore. The pathetic Pawns called Florida for AL Gore 70 minutes before all the polls in Florida closed. This disenfranchised many voters in the panhandle of the State of Florida. The Pan handle historically votes heavily Republican. By calling the State before the polls closed many of these potential voters decided to eith stay home and not cast a vote believing it did not matter or decided to vote for Gore because the desired to vote for the winner. When Florida was wrongly called for Gore it effectively ended the Whitehouse dreams of George Bush. With many Western States still voting many more disenfranchised voters decided to stay home because their candidate just lost the election. Many more cast a vote for Gore because they wished to vote for the winner.

In 2004, Dan Rather published a story based on forged documentation. Every other media outlet jumped on the story and never bothered checking for facts. As far as the Pathetic Pawns were concerned the forged documents were inconsequential. Dan Rather went as far as saying it did not matter that the evidence was forged because he believed the story to be true. This sentiment is the same as Campbell Brown when she told the NYT that she should be allowed to peddle her opinion because she knows the truth.

Now in 2008, the pathetic pawns push every Obama lie as truth, push their own lies as they did in Scranton with the cries of "Kill Him" that were proven false by the secret service. The Pathetic Pawns smear anyone that is anti Obama. The Pathetic Pawns smeared Palin by spreading unfounded lies about her children. They dug into Governor Palin with reckless abandon. They dug into the background of "Joe the Plumber" until they found out that his real name is not Joe. His middle name is Joseph. They dug and found that their was a lien against his property for not paying taxes (I wonder why they leave Charles Rangel the tax man alone when he doesn't pay taxes). The dug until they found Joe is not a registered plumber. They claim McCain did not "Vet" "Joe the Plumber". "Joe the Plumber" asks an innocent question as a private citizen and gets smeared by the pathetic pawns.

Obama has direct ties to ACORN yet the Pathetic Pawns refuse to call him on this association. Obama is complicit in voter fraud and the media let it go. The claim is that ACORN was guilty of registration fraud. Tehy claim the names were fictitious and would never be allowed to vote. I only ask what about the young man that claims ACORN pressured him into registering 73 times. The registered voter was registered under his name at three different addresses. There is a real possibility this guy could go out and vote three times. How you might ask? Well with common names it is easy. It is more than plausible that a "Thomas Wagner" could live at three different addresses because there really are three different Thomas Wagnner's in the city.

Obama has direct ties to William Ayers. The pathetic pawns refuse to vet Obama on this issue. There are many claims that Ayers is the author of "Dreams of my Father". Obama says Ayers is a guy in his neighborhood when in reality the Ayers relationship is much closer. The One is spouting lies and the media is perpetuating it. Obama smeared both McCain and Palin and claimed that Ayers should be off limits becasue the unrepentant terrorists committed his henous acts when Obama was 8 years old. Obama claimed to have believed Ayers was "rehabilitated". Could there be any bigger lie?

Obama spreads racism. Obama sat in the pews of a racist Pastor for over twenty years. Then has the audacity to say he never heard the racists rants by his pastor and that Wright today is not the Wright he once knew. Yet the meme is that if McCain attacks Obama over Wright that would be racist. African Press International wrote a post concerning a call Michelle Obama to them regarding poor news coverage from them (I do not necessarily believe API but it should not be outright dismissed as the have stuck to their story and say they are setting up to release the audio tapes as proof.). The Obama surrogates have tried to discredit and smear API. The Pathetic Pawns dismissed this story as false without ever lifting a finger to find out the true facts. The story may be proven false but until it is I believe the Pathetic Pawns have a responsibility to find out the facts and not smear another news organization outright.

John Lewis played the race card last week and yet it was McCain that took the lumps as being the racist. McCain stood up to his supporters and told them to tone down the rhetoric. Obama on the other hand cheers on the racist rants and radical actions of his supporters.

So this election comes down to a campaign surrounding Smears, Lies, and Racism. These are facets of politics that have been taboo yet this time they are the only tactics Obama is capable of. Main Stream America is not socialist. The "Spread the Wealth" philosophy of Obama is really unpopular so instead of focusing on the Socialist agenda Obama resorted to gutter politics. Yet his enablers in the MSM claim it is McCain that is guilty of gutter politics. What a shame that the 4th Estate has become nothing more than the liberal left propaganda machine. They are complicit in this mess and will become nothing more than TASS.


redhawk said...

Lies are the Mantra of the Libtard Messiah Chosen New Jammah Cawtah .. thev press gave us Jammah the economic and international Disaster and they are at it again.. They are selling an Empty Suit full of Lies and the average Clueless elitist empty headed Moron is Buying into it.. God Save America!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, got this from another blogger. It's a document that describes hypnotic procedures used Obama during his speeches to hypnotize people. That's why his supporters act the way they do. It's also probably what pushed the Obama supporter to physically attack a woman. Pass this around to as many people as you can.

777denny said...

Smears, lies, deceptions, race-baiting and class warfare are all employed by Obama and his supporters as both tactics and as strategies to win.

His strategy was to use lies, deceptions, race-baiting and class warfare as tactics to capture the White House from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. Both campaigns are using excessive amounts of smear tactics. Get a reality check and vote for who you want to, but don't spread even more lies.

Anonymous said...

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