Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama: Americans Are Selfish

Obama has a tax plan that would take money from the rich and give it to the poor. No he does not desire to offer them a helping hand, no what he desires is a government handout. Now Obama says the Americans that are against the policy of "Spreading the Wealth Around" are selfish.

Obama barely provided 1% of his income to charity when he met his own threshold of rich yet says we are the ones that are selfish. Joe Biden barely scrapped together 4,000 over the last ten years for charity. Yet McCain and Palin are selfish because they do not believe in raising taxes yet who are more than generous with their charity giving. Americans in the middle class often provide more monies to charity than the rich elitists like Obama and Biden.

The rich elitists led by Obama plan on taking away more money from the "rich". We do not know where the line in the sand will be drawn. Today the line seems to have come down a little. What started out as $250,000 as being rich when the campaign started is now $120,000 according to Bill Richardson (an Obama Surrogate). What will happen with increasing taxes and the evil rich? Many of those in the $200,000 range are small business owners who are already being punished by the minimum wage hikes. Now they will be taxed at even higher rates. How many jobs are going to be lost in our economy? Obama claims he desires taking us back to the Clinton 1990's. However the dynamics of the economy are different. The technological increases made the economy. In 1992, the economy was coming out of a recession. The lightning fast technology gains in computers led to huge gain in the DOTCOMS. The bubble burst in the late 1990's and the weight of the economy could no longer afford the high tax rates. This time there is no technology ready to bring the economy forward. There will be no bubble to support a tax giveaway. Small business owners will be forced to cut laborers or go out of business. Charity will also take a huge hit. When charity takes a hit programs that are designed to provide people a helping hand will be able to help people less and less. So instead of providing a helping hand Obama wants to give away "free money". This money will be spent of frivolous objects and will fuel nothing. Once the money is spent there is nothing left. There is no program. So Obama will not only destroy charity but also destroy the safety net.

Obama is the one that is selfish. It is Obama's relatives that live in Squalor. It is Obama's own senate district in Chicago that continue to live in squalor while Obama lives in the elitist neighborhood with pals like William Ayers, Tony Rezco, and other anti Americans. Obama plans a tax giveaway to buy votes. Once elected the vote is no longer needed and that will go out the window. Obama is the one that opted out of public financing and then resorted to campaign finance fraud to raise ill gotten money in an effort to purchase the election. This is selfish. The very definition of selfishness is personal gain. That is what the Obama campaign is all about. It is all about Obama and his ego. Personal reasons all for selfish reasons. Selfish reason lead to selfish gimmicks. None of Obama's palns or policies are designed to help anyone. They are designed to keep the poor poor all the while pretending to help the poor. No Americans are actually rather unselfish with very warm and giving hearts. It is Obama that is selfish along with all of his elitist friends.

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Well, at least he didn't say they were racist. I guess that'll be coming.

BTW: How long has this guy been on the public's dole?

I do mean that, since it appears he's done nothing legislatively in a LONG LONG LONG time, if ever, other than run for higher office.