Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama: Allies vs Associations

Barack Obama has been provided top cover on his political associations by the pathetic pawns (MSM).  Barack Obama dismisses his ties to radicals and says this is nothing more than "guilt by association".  It is not that Obama has "associations" with radicals and criminals. The issue is that these are not mere associations or forged friendships but rather these radicals and criminals are Obama's political allies.

Tony Rezco is a convicted felon.  Rezco gave Obama a sweetheart deal on his million dollar home.  Currently Rezco is "singing" to the feds.  It appears that Rezco may be giving up more names with connections to Obama.  The Sun Times provided a clue that Rezco may be speaking to Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald about the Giannouluias crime family.  Obama was provided a mortgage for his first home from a bank operated by the organized crime family.  Obama should not have been able to secure a loan at the time.  It also appears Obama paid the family off in full when he endorsed Alexi Giannoulias for Illinois State Treasurer.  There may be RICO violations filed this weekend and Obama is knee deep in the felonious corruption.

Obama's pastor Jeremiah Wright has been thrown under the bus by Obama.  Yet Obama sat in the pews for over twenty years listening to the garbage Wright spouted.  United Trinity is a hate filled church that spouted garbage and lies against America.  The church spread racism and fueled many divisions in the American public.  Obama claims this is not the Wright he once knew.  Obama dismisses this as character assassination.  Yet Jeremiah Wright announced that Obama did not really throw him under the bus but rather is just saying that in order to dismiss the attacks. 

William Ayers is a known domestic terrorist.  Obama announced his first run for political office from his house.  Obama dismisses the attacks by saying Ayers committed the acts when he was 8 years old and therefore irrelevant.  To Obama the unrepentant terrorist was just a "guy in the neighborhood".  Yet Obama sat on two boards with Ayers and announces his first run for office.  This is not just a casual relationship.  This was a calculated risk and a aligning of the radicals. 

Obama has provided $800,000 to ACORN.  ACORN has been under investigation for voter fraud in 10 States.  Obama continuously earmarks money to line the pockets of this corrupt organization.  Obama provides campaign cash to further this corruption yet says there is no ties.  Obama was a lawyer for this organization and even provided training in the corrupt practices.  Now Obama would like to spin the story that he has no direct connections and says he is against the illegal practices that he encourages.  This is a major issue for Obama.  We need to look for other clues as to why it matters.  During the primaries Obama was telling people in Ohio how he was going to revisit NAFTA and dismantle the treaty.  But Obama had senior advisors talking to Canada saying the rhetoric on the campaign trail  was not what he was really going to do.  This is the same thing with ACORN.

Obama has other "associations" that are just as radical and felonious.  These are Obama's allies.  Obama aligns himself with the fringe elements of the democratic party.  He belonged to the new party which is a socialist/communist party affiliation.  Obama allies are the issue.  This is not guilt by association.  It is not that Obama has friends that are under a cloud. The issue is that these are Obama's allies.  These are highly influential people in Obama's life.  These are not loose connections but rather a laundry list of corrupt influences that have shaped Obama's opinions.  These allies will be owed something by an Obama administration.  These allies will be the major influences shaping our policies.  Obama is dangerous; not because of where he came from but rather because of who he is.

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