Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MSM: Admits Bias; Shrugs It Off

Today at on the Politico website their political editor admitted the pathetic pawns (MSM) were biased, then has the audacity to say "So What". This is the same website that cried bloody murder when their bias was challenged by Republicans for their biased attacks on Governor Palin. In early September the Politico became indignant and claimed the high road when the pathetic pawns were caught pushing smears and outright lies surrounding Governor Palin's son Trig and Palin's daughter Bristol. They claimed they had a right to vet the candidates. They won that round as people thought it was fair to vet candidates. The problem is that in their bias the Pathetic Pawns failed to vet their chosen candidate.

The Politico say "So What". Obviously this editor never heard of objective journalism. That has always been the claim of the biased press when challenged in their outright bias. All the journalist claimed they were not biased and there was no such thing as media bias. Today though we got the real truth. The truth of the matter is that the pathetic pawns have a liberal bias. I wonder if the pathetic pawns will fall under the fairness doctrine.

The fairness doctrine is being pushed by the liberals. The liberals have been unable to compete in talk radio. Al Franken and others like him fail in comparison to Sean Hannity. The aim of the fairness doctrine is to limit television and radio programming to fair and balanced shows. Well then with ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, and others being biased left than in all fairness they should be taken down off the air until more conservative outlets are provided. In that way we are being fair and balanced across the board and not continually bombarded with one sided liberal viewpoints.

"So What"? The press is supposed to be objective. We have learned straight from the horses mouth that the pathetic pawns don't care. They shrug off criticism today yet 50 days ago they became indignant when accused of bias. "So What"? The So What is shown in the continually dropping profits at print media outlets. The New York Times debt was just downgraded to "junk" status. The LA Times just announced a 10% cut in personnel (75 employees). That is the "So What". Americans are tuning out the biased one sided liberal elite propagandists. Yes Politico you truly have became pathetic.

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