Friday, October 24, 2008

Frank: Spending Spree Coming

Congressman Barney Frank threatened Republicans today. Frank told Republicans to come in and vote for a large welfare check today or it would be an even larger check in January. The Democrats are so sure they are going to win this November that they believe they can threaten America with their Socialist policies now.

Barney Frank is the same Congressman that was a leader in the failed Fannie and Freddie mess. Now that his friends in Fannie and Freddie failed America Frank wishes to take more of our hard earned dollars to give welfare checks away. Frank says there are lots of rich people that the Democrats can take money from. Frank is the same person that desires to legalize banned drugs.

These are the sick people that are running our congress. Obama will become nothing more than a figurehead for these spend thrift politicians. Do not worry though they will provide welfare checks with a $1,000 bribe but keep the spread the rest of the wealth around to their friends in high places. Friends like William Ayers who failed in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Friends like Franklin Raines who ran Fannie Mae into the ground.

Obama will become the second term of Jimmy Carter. This is exactly what the democrats did in January 1977. When Jimmy Carter took office he rubber stamped everything the Democratic Controlled Congress passed no matter the cost. Obama will do the same. There will be no curbing spending unless of course it is defense spending. Then of course like Jimmy Carter Obama will cut spending on our military which will have a similar result as the cuts had in the late 1970's. Our military will be gutted and we will be even more vulnerable than we are right now. Remember it was a gutted military and a weak President that led to the 1979 Iran Hostage situation. Listen to what Joe Biden said just the other day "Mark My Words there will be a international crisis to test the mettle" of Obama. He also told this group not to pass judgment early because it might take awhile to see what works. Don't forget it took three cracks for Obama to get a solid message out regarding Russia and Georgia.

America does not need a weak president that would weaken our abilities to defend our freedoms in a dangerous world. Obama, Frank, Biden, Pelosi, and Reid will destroy our military to help spread the wealth around. Rather than protect our National Security interests this group of miscreants will sell out America and leave us defenseless.

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