Friday, October 31, 2008

Dissent: Off to the Gulag

The post partisan candidate that speaks of uniting the American people. Yet when major news outlets speak out against the post partisan candidate Obama gives them the boot. There is no room for dissent on the Obama express to socialism. Today Obama gave to boot to the Washington Times, The Dallas Morning News and The New York Post. What do all of these news outlets have in common? They all recently endorsed John McCain.

Like a typical tyrant Obama can not have dissent around him. Either you are for Obama or you are cast aside and sent to the gulag. Obama has intentions of increasing his followers by adding seats to Jet and Essence. Obama is pandering to his core constituency at the expense of middle America. This post partisan candidate can not have dissent. The pathetic pawns in the MSM all back Obama with glowing stories. They can not help themselves. They admit that perhaps that went too far and some journalists are disgusted at their behavior yet they just can not bring themselves to tell the whole story.

The pathetic pawns have been hiding Obama's Pals. The pathetic pawns have been hiding Obama's birth certificate lawsuit, The pathetic pawns have been hiding Obama's socialist commentary. The ones that dared stand in to question Obama or the ones that offered fair and balanced coverage get the boot. So lie to protect Obama and ye shall be taken care of, tell the truth and ye shall be banished.

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