Saturday, October 25, 2008

Birth Certificate Gaining Legs

Obama has refused to show proof that he is eligible for the office he seeks. Judge Barclay Surrick dismissed the lawsuit by Philip Berg due to standing. This is a travesty and Judge Surrick just trampled on the Constitution of the United States. In his ruling Surick said that citizens do not have standing. Surrick goes on to say if Congress wishes us to have the right to question eligibility they will enact it. This is a huge problem.

Judge Surrick just gave away our democracy. In his ruling Surrick says Government has the ability to decide what rights we have. This is not what our Republic is founded on. It is not what our Republic stands for. Judge Surrick just relagated our Great Country to third world status. We are now no better than a dictatorship. We as citizens have no rights other than to vote on election day. We the people means nothing except on election day. This is not what our founders meant by " a government for the people by the people."

In his ruling Judge Surrick initiated a Constitutional Crisis. Surrick went further to destroy our Republic than any one in the past. Surrick stripped us of our rights by saying Congress has more power than individuals. Our government just became stronger than the people it pretends to protect. Our government became a ruling class rather than a representation of the people.

Philip Berg needs to appeal this ruling. Taking our rights away goes against everything our constitution stands for. We need judges that read and understand the constitution, not judges that throw the constitution out in favor of the government. This is a shame that a citizen of our Republic can not question the citizenship of another. It should be we the people who decide who is a citizen and who is not. This is the way it has always been in our Republic. That is until today when Judge Surrick says it is up to Congress to give us that right. Judge Surrick you are wrong. It is my constitution not the governments. We gave the government authority and we can take it away. Judge Surrick you should have made a judgment in favor of the people. You made a judgment based on politics and government. Judge Surrick took the easy road out. Surrick avoided the questions by dismissing the case. In the process he just gave up our way of life in favor of a government way of life.


Anonymous said...


Republicans desperation shows in their pitiful attempts to lose without class.

Now, their own ticket is coming apart at the seams:

The Lizard said...

Wow! CNN uses two unidentified "sources" and makes outlandish claims and you believe wholeheartedly? You must be easily duped. Isn't this the same CNN that intentionally took a comment out of context in an effort to claim Palin was unintelligent? CNN haas lost all credibility long ago. Go ahead and keep drinking the Obama kool aid but please don't come looking for a handout when the chosen one fails to deliver his utopia. Keep chasing the end of the rainbow you may just find what you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's gaining legs, checkout this link(H/T Entwife)from the U of Hawaii archives. Take a gander at the 2nd entry down. Did he have to provide a BC to gain this scholarship, ya think?

No wonder I've only heard of his attending Columbia & Harvard. What, was he getting to baked on Maui-Wowee and flunked out in his initial academic pursuits?

foutsc said...

Liberals are like little children who can't be disabused of their fantasies.

It's a Sisyphean task...

Keep up the good work Lizard!

mearrin said...

Um. Hasn't he posted the birth certificate on his web site? Non-partisan says they've seen it:

Talk about difficulty facing reality.

The Lizard said...


Look at reality please. The short form certificate posted has been suggested as a forgery. Second fact check just says it looks like a document Hawaii would have issued. Thirdly, why wouldn't Obama release his long form? But the birth certificate is only part of the issue. Right now Judge Surrick undermined the constitution of the United States. That should be of even greater concern as we the people have been relegated to second class behind the governmental ruling class. You should look at some facts and question why your candidate of choice chose not to allow the MSM to look at the real document instead of a copied form from Obama's website and daily kos. There is more to this story than people like you let on. All Obama has to do is show his long form birth certificate.

Anonymous said...

For the last time,

He provided a COLB that was verified by TWO independant sources.

Get over your conspiracy theory already!

Berg is a conspiracy theorist and you bought right into it.

The Lizard said...

Please expalin what independent sources? Daily Kos? Hardly independent? A copy to fact check? Where's the original? On his website?

I am not a conspiracy theorist and did not start writing about this until Obama fought the issue on technicalities. This is the start of a constitutional crisis and you don't care?

Oregon4obama said...

OH NO....we might have our FIRST black president....

We have to do anything to prevent this....first we will ignore the facts, fact checkers and all the lawyers working for the Mccain camp who have the same information that proves Obama is a citizen of America

Holy crap you guys are desparate....was this the same page that posted the blog about that girl who said she was attacked and an assailant "carved" a B into her face....oh that was false too

This is absurd, get a life please....Even Fox isnt reporting on this and they are on your side

Anonymous said...

No crap. First off, if Obama had not been born in America, I guarantee you Hillary's oppo research team would have found out. The Clintons have hitmen for their hitmen. Second, Oregon4obama is right. Wouldn't Team McShame be pushing this story right now? Look conservatives, you lost this time. That's why we have an election every four years. Regroup, fight against the Democrats for the next four years, and retake the government in 2012. Then run it into the ground like you have the past eight.

Smapdi said...

The birth certificate was provided by the State of Hawaii.
I could sue for Trig's DNA and when I'm denied I could claim a Constitutional crisis?
The DNA would prove that Palin is a liar and can't be trusted with the Oath of Office so therefore it is necessary and within my constitutional rights to know.

The Lizard said...


I must admit you have drank to much Obama Kool Aid. This is going to the Supreme Court. Do you still stand that your man Obama is not hiding something?

No I did not report the fraud by the girl claiming to have been maimed by an Obama backer. This was obviously hoax and unlike your MSM where people like you get the facts I would not report on anything a blantantly false as that. Remember it was our media that derailed three Duke University boys on a false attack.

The Lizard said...

I must wonder why the Obama bots are screaming at this post? Could it be they fear losing their candidate? Could it be there is no reason to really believe in him? Just get a real birth certificate and this goes away. Keep up with the hiding and it continues.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, oObots don't even follow links to order to know what exactly they are objecting to. Follow my link prov ided above that takes you straight to the Uof H archives.

Obama had to prvide PROOF of origins in order to aquire american largesse for FOREIGN students ONLY!

What part of "Barak Obama from africa" does'nt register in your brain? Just because BHO places an amatuerish photo-shopped image on KOS with all pertinent data ommitted, or cretification attested to by Annenberg, created by a Chiago mob family(see Max & Moses Annenberg)as unassailable proof is just lunacy.

I perform my more research buying a used car than the average O'[borg does in selecting a man for the highest office in the land. Freakin pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Legs? You could be right about that. But it's the brain part that is sorely missing.

Anonymous said...


Are you insane?


Anonymous said...

The state of Hawaii not longer issues the Certificate of Live Birth without special requesting it, if a person born in Hawaii asks for a birth certificate they will issue that person a certification on live birth that will look the same as Obama's. Which is printed out from the state database and requires limited effort to find unlike the original certifcate in folder or book or on microfilm and may take hour or days to locate. This case was not just about the Birth Certificate it was also about school records which are not public imformation unless Obama choices to release them and McCain still hasn't released his either. This was a gilted Hilary Supporter that just flipped out. The Supreme Court will dismiss it with out even looking at it.

Anonymous said...

Barack has a parent who was a natural born US citizen. He is over 35 years of age. These are the qualifications for president. Read the constitution.

Anonymous said...

As a foreigner I find this very sickening with all this shenanigans by the Replubicans smear tactics philosophy. I watch your politics alot.Why even bring this subject up at this time?If you are so worried, Just ask his sister in Hawaii or his grandmother to vouch it.All I can say is sick, sick sick to the arrogant person who took this to court.if you are a Christian, you should be ashamed of yourself.I presume, you are.Politics is just so dirty in the USA.

The Lizard said...

Anonymous these are not the requirements for president. There are three requirements for president:

Must be a Natural Born Citizen
Must be 35 Years of age
Must have been a permanent Rsident for 14 Years

No where in the constitution does it say anything about having one parent that is a US citizen. However, the laws of the land in 1961 say that If one parent is a US citizen and has been for at least five years since the age of 16 then the child will be a citizen of the US if born abroad. Unfortunately for you if Obama was not born in the US he one parent was not a citizen for 5 years since age of 16 meaning Obama is not a citizen of the US. Research before you respond again.

The Lizard said...


As a foreigner stay out of our politics. There is no place in America for the entry of foreigners. This is not Democrat or Republican. Philip Berg the guy who brought the lawsuit in August is in fact a die hard democrat. You do not understand our politics so stay out.

Anonymous said...

Ah, foreigners are supposed to stay out of your politics, but you have no quarrels to interefere in other people's politics around the world? Thank you for giving another example of the dominating mindset in the U.S...wich unfortunately has made the U.S. the most hated government on this globe.

jon said...

Liz - - I haven't read the full decision, so I'm basing my opinion, only on what you've written.
Judge Surrick didn't destroy our Republic. All judges do, is interpret laws, written by the Legislature (Congress), and signed by the Pres.
But seriously, do you really believe that the Hillary Campaign wouldn't have, as well as the McCain Campaign & the GOP, wouldn't be making a huge issue of this, if it were true?
They're the one's with standing.
Unless, of course, you'd like to believe that the GOP, McCain, and Hillary, are all part of a conspiracy, to get Obama elected.
As for a Constitutional crisis, you might want to look at some of the things that Pres Bush, has done... all his signing statements, absolving him of having to abide by laws he was signing, to name one.
Lastly, stop with the Obama Kool-Aid stuff already. You don't like the guy... cool. But, just because others have listened to his policy ideas, and will be voting for him, doesn't make them crazy, or unthinking.
Whatever the case, please try to remember in a Democracy, or whatever we have, there are divergent views... but we're all Americans, and want what's best for the Country, and our children. Constant demeaning, and demonizing of others that don't share your views, does none of us any good.
One Nation, Under God, INDIVISIBLE... if we divide, we're toast. Be well..

The Lizard said...

Hillary and McCain do not want to be the ones that cause riots in our streets should the chosen one be found ineligible. I have to disagree that it is Hillary that has standing. It should be us the US citizens that have standing. It is our country and not the country of government.

No I do not believe there is some big conspiracy. I believe Hillary and John McCain have taken Obama at his word. Unfortunately the longer this drags on the more it looks like Obama is hiding something.

No one can answer one simple question Why not just come out with the long form? There is no reason to hide this if Obama is who he says he is.

No the courts have failed America with two rulings this election. The first one concerns Ohio, ACORN, and the democrat SEC of State there. Here the Supreme took the easy way out and said the Republican party had no standing but did not rule on the merits. The same is true for this case. Surrick took the easy road out and ruled no standing. The problem with Surrick is his stance that gives standing to political parties and Congress over the people. It is supposed to be a government for the people but this ruling says Americans have no standing. That is a problem in a free republic.

Anonymous said...

Lizard, any standing you might have had got erased long ago by your complete idiocy. Go over to RedState and whine your conspiracy theories there. You'll fit right in!

borgrav said...

The entry cited below is for Barack Obama Senior, Barack Obama Jr's. Kenyan father. Either a purposeful attempt to distort the truth on the part of this anonymous poster which is what I suspect, or a bit of ignorance on their part.

October 25, 2008 2:04 PM
"I'd say it's gaining legs, checkout this link(H/T Entwife)from the U of Hawaii archives. Take a gander at the 2nd entry down. Did he have to provide a BC to gain this scholarship, ya think?

No wonder I've only heard of his attending Columbia & Harvard. What, was he getting to baked on Maui-Wowee and flunked out in his initial academic pursuits?"

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Obama is an African terrorist intent on the destruction of the free world. If he becomes president the skies will turn black and everything will become mud. Locusts, plagues, storms and famine will ensue and life on this planet will come to an end.

You guys are funny...but also delusional.

Losing case = "gaining legs"
Losing election = "I prefer to be the underdog"
Losing your marbles = priceless

jbjd said...

When it comes to interpreting the words coming out of the mouth of Barack Obama, you would do better to concentrate on the man instead of the brand. We know the man is a liar; so, when it comes to truthfully deciphering this "Certification of Live Birth" he posted on his web site in response to questions as to his eligibility under the U.S. Constitution to be POTUS, you would be better off conducting research on your own. I did; and I discovered that, when it comes to establishing homeland status, the Hawaiian government will accept a Birth Certificate as primary evidence of identification. On the other hand, they will not accept as evidence a Certification of Live Birth.
In other words, regardless of whether the Certification of Live Birth BO posted on his “Fight the Smears” site is bona fide, it still fails to satisfy Hawaii officials he was born in their state.
Would you still deny that, establishing eligibility for POTUS under the U.S. Constitution demands more proof than this?

Tired of being called racist said...

To all Sen. Obama supporters,

Please explain one thing, with logic and common sense, please.

It is a common knowledge that Sen. Obama went to Pakistan for a period of time in 1981.

How was that possible?

1. Pakistan, in 1981, did NOT allow US Citizens in the country.
So, how was Sen. Obama able go there?
Obviously, the answer would be that he used some other passport than a US passport.
So, the next question would be a passport from which country? And what did he have to do or prove to attain such a passport?
It's not like you can go to an Italian consulate and say 'I want to go to Pakistan, so, could you issue me an Italian passport?'
And remember that this happened in 1981, which means that Sen. Obama is 19-20 years old. He is an adult, and responsible for his own actions.

Please, using logic, common sense, and facts, please explain the above question.

If you can't, then, you owe it to yourself to find out.

P.S. As for the Certificate of Live Birth (COLB), such a document is not a Birth Certificate.
COLB is issued when a parent register the baby AFTER the birth, outside of an institution such as a hospital.
Which brings additional questions and necessary proofs.
Additionally, there are credible, common sense, rational allegations that the posted document was a forgery.

Anonymous said...

You this would be funny if it wasn't so sad that a man that wants to be POTUS can't just show a Birth Cert. I've been looking into this issue for the passed few days. From an independant point of view I think this will just boil up til election. I don't want either guy running for POTUS but Obama scares the crap at of me. He not only is anti-american (church) and is also a socialist. If you Dems think for one moment you have a savoir. You are saddly mistaken. He will destroy this country. But then again if destruction is the only way to rid ourselves of these people I'm all for it just not with Obama with the Nuclear codes. BTW I heard Obama can't pass the security clearence for President. Just something to think about