Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another Day, Another Radical Terrorist in Obama's Inner Circle

There is yet another radical in Obama's past.  Only this ally is not so distant.  In fact Obama campaigned for this radical at taxpayer expense.  Is this what Obama claims as Foreign Policy experience?  He supports and campaigns for a radical leftist in a foreign country.  Guess what foreign country that would be?  Kenya, yes folks that is where Obama has friends and influence.  Obama traveled to Kenya and campaigned for Prime Minister Raila Odinga.  Odinga is a communist tyrant with ties to radical Islamist fundamentalists.  These fundamentalists are known as terrorists to the rest of the world. 

Obama even talks in similar ways.  Odinga told the gathering masses that he would take from the rich and give to the poor.  This is eerily similar to Obama tax giveaway plan for America.  Odinga incited riots because he lost.  Obama is inciting violence because he is afraid he will lose.  Obama cried out for his supporters to get intot he faces of voters who support John McCain yet the Pathetic Pawns (MSM) blame McCain for ramping up the rhetoric.  Obama cries about raicism at every turn.  Obama's surrogates have been trying to claim racism at every turn including John Lewis just yesterday. The actions of Obama recently look eerily similar to the actions of Odinga.  Watch the video.  It shows the violence created by Odinga. It shows Obama campaigning for Odinga at taxpayer expense.  It shows Obama being used as a political pawn by Odinga.  It shows that as another day goes by there is yet another radical in Obama's past.  Only this radical did not commit his heinous acts 40 years ago.  This radical is still a radical and Obama campaigned for him two short years ago.  Where are the Pathetic Pawns on this story?

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