Saturday, October 4, 2008

America Needs A Reason To Vote For Someone

Many voters in this center right country are feeling down and are very disheartened right now.  The polls are favoring Obama and John McCain appears to be faltering down the stretch.  Was the Palin choice for Vice President the beginning of the end?

In my opinion the Palin choice should have energized the American electorate.  Palin represents middle America and definitely proved she belongs on the national stage.  She outclassed the elder statesman in front of millions of viewers.  While the pathetic pawns continuously attempted to raise the bar for Palin to make it impossible to cross, Palin crossed with ease.  Now the polls are not really showing anything as yet as far as movement and many on the right are feeling the election is lost.

The reason many on the right are feeling down is because the pathetic pawns have made this election a referendum on Obama.  The pathetic pawns refuse to get McCain's position in the news.  All they care about is giving Obama the center stage and they are making the election as being either for or against Obama.  Until John McCain goes on offense the pathetic pawns will continue to push the Obama campaign.  Americans will not vote for McCain simply because he is not Obama.  McCain needs to go on offense and attack the socialist ideals from Obama. 

Obama has never been pressed on his socialist agenda.  Obama is getting a pass on every issue.  McCain needs to hammer away at the issues.  McCain is a maverick and will change the way Washington works.  Obama will change political party's and move the country radically left.  The radical left is more vocal then is the right.  The center has usually remained silent.  The middle needs to speak up.  There is no way a center right country desires a radical left movement of the country.  The vocal radical left is a minority in this country yet they have been able to frame this election as being either for or against Obama.

McCain has got to start giving center America a reason to vote for him.  He needs to get a strong message out of why he is better than Obama.  McCain has to quit claiming he is a maverick and start showing why he is a maverick.  McCain has a little over 4 weeks to persuade middle America that they can support him for his ideas.  This election has become an economical election.  McCain needs to tie his energy plan to the economy.  McCain needs to focus on what he will do to bring the economy around.  McCain is right; Obama's plan is a job killing plan that will hurt all Americans.  Fannie and Freddie is a prime example. Obama backed Fannie and Freddie because they were making quota's for giving mortgages to people that should never have been eligible now we as taxpayers are stuck with the bill.  McCain needs to highlight the bill he sponsored to rein in Fannie and Freddie.  The same bill opposed by Obama. McCain wins the Commander in Chief question hands downs.  Now he needs to give Americans a reason to vote for him on the economy.  As long as the pathetic pawns are able to frame this election as a referendum on Obama and or Bush who is not running, McCain loses.

Those on the right need to remain energized.  Palin won the debate the other night and energized the base once again.  McCain needs to capitalize on this and go on the offense with the economy.  Obama's whole economic plan revolves around taking from the rich to give to the poor.  This is great populist rhetoric but will never grow the economy.  Four years of Obama will do irreparable harm to our country.  Obama will enact more entitlement programs than ever before.  Once our government provides an entitlement it will become difficult if not impossible to get rid of no matter how much damage is caused.  Look at Social Security.  Our government will not make the necessary changes in the program to make it remain solvent.  It has become an institution that will not change.  How many more government run programs will Obama create that will bankrupt our country?


Anonymous said...

Best quote about the debate has come from Iowa Independent Dougas Burns:

"For her part, GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin – speaking with the programmed cadence of a GPS navigation system — used forced folksiness to deliver crammed material in the manner of a high schooler looking to score a good grade on a Spanish test. The kid may escape with a B-minus, but he wouldn’t be able to order a cup of coffee in Spain a week later."

Anonymous said...

Palin does help with the Republicans.

Facts are:

1- Obama's people and supporters are not going to change their minds. They should be ignored.

2- Right-wing Republicans should vote. If they don't, they don't. This is not ignored by Mr. McCain.

3- Undecideds - other than right-wing Republicans - are people who moved or are moving away from Mr. Obama, not from Mr. Biden or Mrs. Clinton, but from Mr. Obama. They are not going to move to Mrs. Palin, they are going to move to Mr. McCain They may like her, but, for them, she's not that relevant. They know that Mr. McCain is older, but they don't want Obama. Period. This fact is not ignored by Mr. McCain.

4- A large part of the press is anti-Republican. They used to like McCain to the extent they could portray him as anti-Bush. Now they don't like him. McCain does not ignore this fact.

5- Obama's propaganda should be treated as any other propaganda. It should be ignored, it has no impact on people other than Obama's supporters.

6- This election was supposed to be won by the Democrats. You have got the best candidates, and by far. And Mr. McCain is acting like a statesman. Some undecideds might find that important. Mr. McCain is running as a Republican, but he intends to run this country as a non- or bi-partisan President. This could be a change in which people can believe, for a change.



Anonymous said...

Here's a fairly good statement of Palin's case:

"Having vented my intellectual disgust, I'd better share my fears. One is that Palin's policy failings pale beside her animal appeal, and that she could still be a major asset for the McCain ticket. Last night I saw TV interviews with average moms and housewives out in the heartland -- basic working class white women. They are blithely unaware of Palin's stumbles in her big TV appearances. They are aware of one thing only -- she identifies with them and they identify with her. And we know gut identification historically trumps all other calculations in political decisions, except among political elites (or maybe for them, too; after all, most of the intelligentsia identifies with Obama; he's one of them).

Another thing: I recently did a side-by-side comparison of McCain's and Obama's interviews on "60 Minutes," America's biggest public affairs TV show. By going online, instead of watching the interviews one after the other as they were broadcast, I was able to jump back and forth between the two interviews and compare their tone and style.

McCain clearly has the gut advantage; Obama has the brain advantage.

This does not augur well for Obama. Watching the two men, I found myself drawn at a human level to McCain's gruff, simple, but sincere-sounding answers -- and put off a bit by Obama's analytical, complex, long-winded answers. And that's coming from a committed Democrat! Imagine what a swing voter, an uncommitted centrist voter, might be thinking!

With McCain, you're drawn to the man and his character. With Obama, you're drawn to his thinking and the rational possibility that his ideas may be better. For a lot of people, that's a no-brainer: They will always choose the man and his character over an abstract idea, no matter how eloquently put. And, for all her shortcomings, that could still work for Sarah Palin, too. She's 100 percent gut, and clearly a lot less brain."

THE DANGEROUS SUPERMOM,1518,581724,00.html

But let's say the writer is right, for argument's sake, let's say that Obama is smart. So what. Smart people are dime a dozen. People with judgment and gut are few and far between. Sheer luck perhaps, two of them are found on the same ticket.

Hopefully you feel better now.