Monday, October 13, 2008

2008: Americans Big Loser

Americans will be the big loser this year no matter who wins the Presidency. Our political system has become so corrupt by the career politicians that short of Americans having a revolt at the ballot box we will be doomed to another failed government. The current congress is the most unsuccessful in recent history. It passed fewer bills than any other congress in history. The Congress has a measly 15.8% approval rating. Corruption is the champion of the day.

Look at the scandals from our governmental officials:

1. Tim Mahoney-D-Fl Gave his Mistress $121,000 in hush money
2. William Jefferson- D-LA Caught with bribe money in his freezer
3. Charles Rangel- D-NY Failure to pay taxes
4. Larry Craig- R-ID Sex scandal
5. Ted Stevens R-AK Unlawful Gifts
6. Don Young R-AK- Bribery
7. Allan Mollahan D-WV Bribery
8. Patrick Kennedy- D-RI Drugs, Illegal Donations
9. Chris Dodd- D-CN Incited a bank Run, allowed Bank Of America to write Countrywide bailout, Sweetheart Mortgage deal, Squelched Fannie and Freddie reform

There are others I am sure. Our career politicians are in it for themselves and their rich friends. They all have forgotten that governmental positions are positions of trust. They have all forgotten that they work for average Americans and not the special interest groups. The problem is the two party system without the proper checks and balances. The two parties each have rich contributors that reap the benefits when their candidate or party is in power. We need to send a message that we are fed up with all of the shenanigans. Get rid of all the career politicians this election cycle or we are in for a ride to depths of despair that could take decades to recover from. An Obama presidency coupled with a Democratic controlled Congress will set us up for record spending, record deficits, and record entitlement programs. This path is a socialist/Communist path that we may never recover from. John McCain with the same democratic controlled congress will be more of the status quo. What I mean by that is the media will immediately start attacking McCain. They will say he won because of racism. They will claim America is really a divided country. The Democrats will know the media has their backs so they will be reluctant to work across the aisle for fear McCain will become popular. No need to work with someone that the media will destroy.

A revolt at the ballot box and sending everyone currently in our Congress home will be a dramatic change that would force the changes in government that are needed. America will have taken their government back from the politicians and the 4th estate. We the American people are always relegated to the sidelines after the elections. We have no voice. If we send a strong message to the corruption that has stolen our government from us perhaps Washington would start listening to the people. It would not matter who was President if we were to send this message. The President would work for the American people rather than the special interest groups. Lets take back our country and send the career politicians home.

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