Friday, September 5, 2008

Status Quo Strawman vs. Arctic Reformer

The two presidential tickets have now been chosen and the choices could not be more different. This is the first time in recent memory that a presidential election comes down to more of the same against true change. This week marked the turning point where the mantel of change was stolen from the Democratic Party. The Democrats had the ball and were marching towards the goal line. All they had to do was stick the ball across the line. Unfortunately, they fumbled the change theme and missed a historic opportunity.

The Democrats went into their convention a divided party. All year the pathetic pawns reported that the democrats were united and the republicans were splintered. Obama waited until the last minute to select his choice for vice president. Obama chose a status quo candidate to bolster his experience. McCain was able to paint Obama as weak and inexperienced in foreign affairs. Obama had no choice but to bolster his credentials by selecting a VP that filled in the spaces in Obama's blind spots. Obma had to balance his ticket. This furthered the divide in the party that already existed. Not only did Obama wait to announce to the last minute but he failed to even vet the only candidate that could have united the ticket before the convention. This created a hostile environment whereas Obama had to spend valuable time to unite his party. This undermined his own theme of change.

The theme of the Obama campaign has been hope and change. Change we can believe in. This was his theme throughout the primaries and also his theme throughout his convention. But because he had to rally his base his acceptance speech was about changing political parties in the Whitehouse rather than changing the direction of America. His lofty rhetoric was aimed directly at those 80,000 people in that stadium. His change was aimed at people that were already in his camp. His speech was aimed at the very people that he should have had in his camp all along. In Obama's speech he had to rally his base. He was forced to to limit his playing field and attempt a campaign at gaining 50% +1 vote to win the Whitehouse. Obama was unable to speak of specifics because his specifics would not unite his party. Specifics would have either alienated his base or alienated Hillary supporters. He had to talk in lofty vague terms and paint this race as against George Bush. In an effort to balance his ticket Obama selected a VP that made him a status quo strawman. No longer is he able to claim he is a uniter because he selected a partisan VP to join a partisan strawman. All this ticket did was unite the liberal left. They offered nothing but elitist condescension towards middle America.

John McCain also waited until the last minute to make his choice for VP. His selection also balanced out his ticket. John McCain did not have a solidified base. John McCain selected a candidate that would unite the base prior to the convention. McCain was then able to bolster his credentials as a reformer because he did not have to pander to his base to rally them. McCain was then able to run a convention based on America. The themes of John McCain's convention was to unite America and give the government back to the people of the United States. McCain selected an outsider rather than a status quo candidate. This is why the pathetic pawns were so vicious in their attacks. McCain was able to steal the change mantel.

The change mantel was not about changing party's in the Whitehouse. It is about changing the culture of corruption in Washington. Both party's have been guilty of the excesses of the elitist ruling class. The only thing Obama offered was more of the same corruption but a change in the corrupt benefactors. McCain by selecting an Arctic outsider is now able to frame the change around ridding Washington of its excesses and truly give the government back to the people McCain is now running a campaign for all Americans.

Obama offers a change in which status quo wins the bounty. McCain offers a change in the way our government does business. The pathetic pawns are upset because McCain selected a candidate for VP that would allow him to transcend party affiliations and return our government to the people. The pathetic pawns never saw this type of change coming. They believe in the ruling elitist class because they are a part of that class. McCain shook up this election because he offers hope for America rather hope for a party. The status quo strawman just lost the mantel of change to the Arctic Reformer.

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