Friday, September 12, 2008

The Robin Hood Ticket: Only your money

The Obama/Biden ticket is all talk. The have a grand redistribution of wealth plan that will do nothing to help the truly needy. Their tax scheme will increase taxes on the rich to give to the poor. Yet Joe Biden gives less than the average Americans he pretends he supports.

Joe Biden has not donated $1,000 to charity in any given year for the past decade. His average over the last decade is $369 per year, less than .2% of his income. Both Biden and Obama speak lofty words and rhetoric yet again their actions prove they are nothing more than hot air. Why would these elitists not be more willing to give to charity?

I could really care less how much they donate. It is a personal choice. However, when you push for taking even more money from the rich to give to the poor why not set the example and give more yourself. Obama has a plan to give $1,000 to people that do not pay any taxes. Yet his running mate refuses to give $1,000 of his own money.

Both of these elitists who claim to understand "our pain" in the middle class will not give up their million dollar homes or their extravagant life style to help out the poor but they expect others to do it. They both believe that their intelligence is higher than average Americans and because of that they believe they can spend our money more wisely. Only government bureaucracies can provide for the poor. Robin Hood is a folk hero for taking from the evil rich and giving to the poor. These clowns are rich and refuse to give to the poor. They are hypocrites.

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Anonymous said...

Obama isn't Robin Hood. He's the Sheriff of Nottingham. He's going to raise everyone's taxes by repealing the Bush tax cuts. Don't be fooled by the lies from the press and Obama.