Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Reasons for the Attacks

The pathetic pawns have been busy attacking Sarah Palin. I have never seen so much venom tossed toward a Governor in my life. We must ask ourselves why? Why would the pathetic pawns come out with such venom, hatred, and hypocrisy?

Well the answer is easy. The pathetic pawns long ago sold their sould to the devil. They swore an allegiance to the Democrats no matter who got nominated. This was a dream year for the soulless pathetic pawns. In the minds of the soulless they were going to be able to make history. The Pathetic pawns were either going to be allowed to have either a female or a minority. Never in their wildest dreams did the pathetic pawns believe the Republicans would put up a woman. They had been pushing for years that that the Republican Party was an exclusive White Old Man club. Now Sarah Palin has turned them on their heads.

The Pathetic pawns ask "How dare McCain do this"? It is not fair that McCain would do this to them. Their dream world of being able to make history by electing the first minority and first woman later on down the road belonged to them The Pathetic Pawns would make that decision and it wold be the candidates of their choosing. Yes Sarah Palin scares the pathetic pawns. That is why they are spreading the rumors and lies. They must undermine Palin and get either McCain to tell her enough is enough and get Palin to say the same. The pathetic pawns will be busy spewing their contempt and hatred even if it means the end of journalism as we know it. Partisan politics with one sided view points has reared it ugly head.

I want to know about the fairness in broadcasting act. Will this act if passed apply to the pathetic pawns? Will ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NYT, WP, or CST have to have fairness in their reporting? These pathetic pawns will never allow that to happen because they do not believe they are biased. Maybe the pathetic Pawns should start reading or listening to their own hatred. So long pathetic pawns. Americans are now on to your biased lies. You will not survive the fall.


Anonymous said...

Papers are controlled by subscribers, advertisers and other media buying their articles or products.

One of the New York Times' problem is that some of its columnists are certifiable lunatics.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

They are trying their best, as rigorously and vigorously as they can, to destroy Sarah Palin.

Their probable goal?

Do it in the next three weeks or so, to give Obama free sailing in October.

They will do ANYTHING to accomplish that goal.

ex-pat said...

I am a life long Democrat - one of those bitter old souls cast aside for "The New Coalition" a Hillary supporter, spat on by the likes of Moulitsas, Sullivan,Olbermann et al.

After the vile, misogynistic comments lobbed at Senator Clinton for the last year, the caucus corruption, the abhorrent tactics of the DNC to install their "selected" candidate, the rigged roll call vote, the sham coronation, I thought, well, finally, okay it's over, I won't vote, but there will be some respite from the hatred FROM OUR OWN SIDE!

Not to be, Senator McCain announces that Governor Palin his is VP choice (horror of horrors, how DARE he choose a REPUBLICAN for a running mate - duh!) and the hatred begins again, exposing the expedient lie that it was not ALL women they hated, it was just THAT woman! Nope, this new coalition, with apparently no grown-up in charge, hates all women.

Putting all that aside,along with the irony that my former party, you know "the all inclusive one", is now undertaking what they professed to despise, this is a massive tactical blunder. If Republicans rally around Governor Palin and defend her from this indecency and show them how civilized people behave, then my vote (and, I suspect, the votes of many other women)goes, for the first time, to a Republican.

Pissing on 52% of the population once, is stupid, doing it twice is political suicide!

I disagree that the MSM has liberal bias, although from the unscrutinized serial wank fest for Obama would belie it. The MSM are merely souless morons drunk on the power of being able to direct the population how to vote - they don't really care who, or why, just as long as it's their particularly horse of the day. I gave them all up May 31st 2008 and after a slight withdrawal problem - I am Free at last! I get the news from blogs I trust, that way I get to save another television by not throwing things at it.

susan h said...

So happy to hear others out there realized about the DNC and its corruption this year. I am now ashamed to say I am a democrat. I listened to the RNC last night and realize that good and bad people are on both sides of the aisle. Someone quoted George Washington (or one of the early Americans) saying that the thing we need to fear is party loyalty, that will be our undoing. I Guess the "Founding Fathers" were wiser than we thought.

For the first time in my life, I will not automatically vote democrat. I may vote McCain, I may vote Biden/Obama (they should flip the ticket), or not vote at all. P.S. Cindy McCain would make a wonderful first lady!