Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pathetic Pawns: Upset McCain Refuses To Play By Their Rules

The pathetic pawns have been busy trying to discredit McCain in his ads. McCain did an ad comparing Obama to the celebrities of Britney and Paris. The Pathetic Pawns did not like this ad. Why? Because it undermines the Chosen One. The media has decided that McCain is untruthful in the ad regarding Obama's support of sex education in kindergarten. Next the pathetic pawns were upset about being accused of bias. Now the pathetic pawns are upset because of the pigs and lipstick comment was called sexist and inappropriate. The pathetic pawns just do not get it. The American public understands they lost their objectivity a long time ago. Americans now fully understand that the grandstanding pathetic pawns are nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. This has been pushed by Republicans for a long time but now that the pathetic pawns let the veil down a little they were fully exposed.

First the celebrity ad was on target. Obama is full of himself. McCain offered Obama a chance to go on a fact finding trip to Iraq. Obama flatly refused and called the idea a gimmick. Two months later Obama says he had a trip planned all along and decides to make a victory lap across Europe. Obama played up to the largest audience he could. Obama had a free rock conference from those that attended. Obama even in his speech to Germans wanted to be the leader of the world rather than the leader of America. Obama said he is the one everyone is waiting for. How much more hubris can one person get. The celebrity act was on target and pointed out the Obama hubris.

Next the media attacked Sarah Palin after she was announced. The pathetic pawns spread rumors and lies about Palin and then attacked her. They attacked her daughter. They attacked her credentials by saying she was just the mayor of a small town. Even though Palin is the Governor of our Nations largest state. They went after her for false accusations of affiliation with the Alaska Independence Party. Sarah Palin was not a member of the AIP. They spread the false rumor that Palin was the grandmother and not the mother of Trig. This was a dishonest report from the pathetic pawns that they picked up from the hategroup daily kos. Next they attacked Bristol Palin for being pregnant. Bristol is taking responsibility and the pathetic pawns are upset because that does not fit their agenda. Then when the media finally gets a chance to give Palin a fair shake they take her out of context and offer trap questions that the questioner did not even know. First of all ABC left the meat of the interview on the cutting room floor. They intentionally made Palin look weak to fit in line with the agenda they were pushing. Palin actually smoked Gibson and made him look old, out of touch, and immature. Next Gibson derided Palin for not knowing the Bush Doctrine. Gibson said it was OK for middle America not to know but Palin has to know what it is. Well Gibson himself did not even know what the Bush Doctrine is. Why? Because it is something made up by another reporter. The reference Gibson made to the Bush Doctrine is not even current. Palin won this round. Unfortunately, many Americans who do not have internet and get their news solely from the pathetic pawns will be hard pressed to get the real deal. Shame on you ABC for attempting to steal this election. I could go on forever showing the obvious bias by the pathetic pawns.

The pathetic pawns are also deriding McCain for his Ad saying Obama was for sex education for kindergartners. This is not misleading or false. It is accurate. Obama is for age appropriate sex education for all ages. Not sex education taught by parents. No sex education taught by our public school system. Now I'm not sure I want the failing public school system teaching my children anything about sex. The school system has failed to teach our young the basics necessary for keeping our nation strong. Educators have failed in teaching students to read, failed to teach them how to write, and failed to teach them basic math skills. Our young keep falling behind the rest of the world. Now that they failed in their primary mission they want to branch out and teach social skills and development. Yeah that's what we really need. A failed system teaching our Nations future social development.

Now Obama makes an inappropriate sexist comment and the pathetic pawns rush to Obama's side. They bring up past people including McCain using this comment. The problem is simply this: The audience thought it was a poke at Palin. The pathetic pawns know the audience took it that way. Even Obama knew the audience took it that way before he even told the punchline. No matter how Obama and the pathetic pawns frame this it was a thinly veiled attack on Palin. Obama is supposed to be the great orator. Are we to believe that Obama did not understand the crowd would understand his veiled attack? Obama knew what he was saying. Obama knew people would take it as an attack on Palin. The pathetic pwns need to understand Americans are on to them. Once the facade was dropped Americans pounced. There is no way to get that genie back in the bottle.

If the pathetic pawns had properly vetted Obama then maybe Americans would have taken these attacks as just part of the pathetic pawns doing their job. But the pathetic pawns did not do their job. They gave Obama a free pass. They refuse to dig into Obama's past. I can not understand why they would leave the William Ayers connection alone.

The pathetic pawns have relegated themselves to be nothing more than tabloid journalism. Their sensationalism has led them to their own destruction. Most Americans will never allow them off the mat. Most Americans understand the media is biased. MSNBC even had to get rid of their two anchors because it became obvious. The pathetic pawns will never be trusted again. They are no longer the voice of America. They have become part of the Obama cult.


HeyJude said...

Great post Lizard - the Pathetic Pawns have revealed themselves this election cycle, and there really is no going back to trusting them to be objective again.

The funny thing is, the left is now turning on it's own! MSNBC, as you allude to, has anchors who are at each others' throats. I was reading comments to Howard Fineman's recent article in Newsweek, and saw that he was being called a racist by people who didn't agree with his critique!
They seem like rabid animals, attacking and self destructing. Maybe they will implode, having a real cleansing effect. Eh, we can hope right? said...

Democrats have a puzzle with a code name "Palin Problem". They have to solve it, and to do it effectively, because the prize is the White House.
Sarah is everywhere these days. No matter, if there are negative responses, rumors and resentments; or praises, support and encouragements. She filled media, and not only in America. Palinmania is spreading all over the world - everybody has their opinion on the new political celebrity of US.
The Palin avalanche is winning against Obama inundation. How should Democrats defeat her? Would it be better just keep their line of campaign and ignore populist idol of Republicans? Or should they put out their claws, oppose her and show her the real politics? - give advice to Democrats.