Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pathetic Pawns: Feign Outrage

Today Sarah Palin met with world leaders and the Pathetic Pawns decided to play politics and feign outrage. The McCain campaign would not allow reporters with the exception of one editorial person. The media decided to protest this be refusing to report on the event. The pathetic pawns are crying that the McCain campaign is shielding Palin. This is the real outrage. Our pathetic pawns refuse to report news because of the lack of access but it was them that created an atmosphere that warranted the limited access.

The Pathetic Pawns have been attacking Palin ever since she was announced as the running mate of John McCain. The pathetic pawns advanced outright lies produced by the daily Kos. They attempted to smear Palin without investigating. When Charlie Gibson interviewed her he tried to bait her into a gotcha moment. The pathetic pawns have not been fair and balanced to Sarah Palin yet scream bloody murder when their access is limited. How ironic that the pathetic pawns who have set out to destroy Sarah Palin by advancing outright lies and pushing a biased opinion are crying abut being left out in the cold.

The Pathetic Pawns have been much harsher on Palin for VP then they have ever been on Obama the Presidential nominee. Palin has more qualifications than does Obama yet the media pushes lies and gotcha moments in order to destroy her. Why would anyone subject themselves to the unruly, unprofessional, and irrelevant pathetic pawns? Now they will not even report the news because they were limited. The pathetic pawns were not shut out of the visit they were just limited in how many had access. What a shame that our pathetic pawns believe it is more important to feign outrage then it is to report the news. Go ahead and protests pathetic pawns it is you who are out of touch. The pathetic pawns are digging their own grave with their outlandish bias. Good for the McCain campaign. The news will get out with or without the pathetic pawns. Do not let them steal the election. We no longer need a biased and out of touch media.

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